Hijak Special Bios #7 – Able8

Last but never least on our showcase list (although of course there’s no such thing as least w/ Hijak) is one Able8.  Melbourne niche beats’ nicest fella and overachiever with a ridiculous amount of qualifications to boot. The pies/fingers ratio is off the hook right here.

Top shelf future beats production with a couple of albums out, label king at Uncomfortable Beats, a zillion tracks on small label compilations all over the shop, and sure-fire collaboration with such talent as Melody Myla, Benny Diction and U-Wish.  His dedication to beats in Australia is truely remarkable, as will be his DJ performance at Hijak.


Uncomfortable Beats/Able8 Bandcamp:  uncomfortablebeats.bandcamp.com
Able8 Soundcloud:
Able8 Facebook:  facebook.com/able8




Hijak Special Bios #5 – Ghostsoul

Rob Healey aka Ghostsoul is a producer’s producer.

You probably wouldn’t have seen him for a while because of the work he does in live sound engineering and also currently video game soundtrack development.

He’ll be coming back exclusively for this episode of Hijak for a rare showcase of his brand new sounds.  Noted for his live performances, Ghostsoul has released three extremely realised and polished albums on Hopskotch Records and Uncomfortable Beats, and is also noted for his work doing what he does best – making sound sound good.

Healey’s dub and trip-hop sounds are influenced by the world around him and his love of science and space, in making recordings he likes to view as “artifacts in the middle of nowhere”, which rather than a nihilistic view is more one recognising the beauty of all that stuff in between the gaps.


Ghostsoul Bandcamp:  ghostsoul.bandcamp.com
Ghostsoul Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/ghostsoul
Ghostsoul Facebook:  facebook.com/ghostsoul



Titus 12 – Karnak (Uncomfortable Beats)


Bristol, UK‘s loss is Melbourne’s gain, with bass music producer Titus 12 releasing six-track (with two remixes included as well) debut album Karnak on eclectic hip-hop and electronic Australian label Uncomfortable Beats.

Karnak was inspired by three months spent by Titus 12 in isolation at the tropical jungle location of Karnak Playhouse, near the Daintree rainforest.

The album is a surprisingly original take on dubstep, yet still utilising the original take on the genre. Karnak uses dub and reggae elements to best effect, and is honed to smooth perfection. There are also contemporary electronic embellishments such as rolling 808s used in trap in songs like ‘Drymouth Disco’, that improve rather than detract from the overall ambient spell cast by Karnak, laid from the off-set of introductory track ‘Junktion’.

Swaggering syncopation in ‘Title Fight’ reminiscent of Digital Mystikz show that the art of dubstep hasn’t quite passed us by yet, and that the genre hasn’t quite disappeared into the obscure murk of obsolete electronic music genre.

Other stand-outs include ‘Cliento’, combining an exotic atmosphere of synthesis, over hats and rattling samples. Reverberating acoustic guitar breaks, autotone vox samples drive along with the percussion and sub-bass tones in possibly Karnak‘s best track, ‘Burning Low’.

Two remixes are provided at the end of Karnak by Able8’s very cool juke/jungle redux of ‘Junktion’, and Dutch producer Frenquency‘s impressive footworki edit of ‘Cliento’, which accentuates the belling samples into a more trappy format that many DJs will want a piece of.

The summary of Karnak is that it’s an organic and accomplished piece of work, sone that’s obviously had a lot of time and effort placed into getting it just right. Titus 12 is showing that Melbourne’s brand of OG bass music is a force to be reckoned with on the global electronic music stage.

8.5 out of 10 Haarp Strings.

‘Karnak’ is available via the Uncomfortable Beats Bandcamp site in a variety of format, on a pay-as-you-please basis.


Written by Kristian Hatton.

Friday 7 March – EP Launch event: Titus 12 – ‘Karnak’


Pete Hazell aka Titus 12 of Bristol, UK is pretty much part of Melbourne’s local terrain of DJs and producers these days. He appears as a resident DJ for Rubix Warehouse’s Funhouse Fridays and is a member of Uncomfortable Beats, as well as making guest appearances at Melbourne events, including a recent show at our Neigh-Bours showcase.

Titus 12 also happens to be a producer of dubby soundscapes. This Friday, he is presenting his first album – Karnak – which apparently is inspired from time in isolation in so-said place. This album is soon to be reviewed at Haarp Media, so keep an eye out for what we have to say about it.

Supporting guest DJs and producers include Able8, Snareophobe, SK, Forsue and Bevin Campbell, who hail from both of Titus 12’s homes of Uncomfortable Beats and Rubix Warehouse.

Starts 8pm. Rubix Warehouse, 36 Phoenix Street, Brunswick. Free!

FB Page: facebook.com/events

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Saturday 1 March – MMVF Vibrant @ Laundry Bar

A quick mention of this visual feast presented Melbourne Music Video Festival this evening at Fitzroy’s iconic Laundry Bar.

This event – dubbed Vibrant – will feature the launch of Able8 and Melody Myla‘s new clip, and is headlining one of Australia’s rapidly rising audio/visual sensations – Friendships.

Supporting these acts but not understated in comparison are Audego, Tincture, visual artist Slippery Jim, and Nikki Sarafian.

Tickets: http://laundrybar.oztix.com.au/Default.aspx?Event=41504

Starts 8pm. Laundry Bar, 48-50 Johnston Street, Fitzroy. $14.30.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/254123208095716/?ref=2&ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Hi-Five: Melbourne’s Producers/DJs and Their Current Favourite Track – Part 6

Selector #26 – Able8


Able8 is director of Uncomfortable Beats, a member of The Operatives, and holds a residency at The Lounge featuring other local artists on Tuesday nights dubbed Tastemakers.

Originally from Perth, Dave “Able8” Di Paulo‘s main hobby is producing and performing stripped-back boom-bap beats, as well as making forays into experimental bass styles. He also works with UK rappers Benny Diction, Biet Nun and Melody Myla, as well as local rappers like Julez, Manix, and a host of others.

Track Selection: Evil Needle – Groovin in Heaven (HW&W Recordings)

“Every time I hear this track it brings such a good vibe and reminds me that Hip-Hop will always be at the core of what I do musically. It influences me to go back and write some bouncy, jazzy beats, but also makes me want to drink a cider in the sun…”

Selector #27 – U-Wish


U-Wish aka James Harris is another Perth/Melbourne cross-over, who shares residency at the Haapy Mondays sessions (Horse Bazaar) with Kayhat. He also works with Kayhat and Able8 in beats sessions at eFiftyFive, and is affiliated with SK, Titus12 and Ghostsoul.

James is also involved with his own hip-hop project – The Cymatic Society – and is currently producing hip-hop beats, and DJs for the likes of Melody Myla, New Dub City, Vytal Juan, Seeka and Vic the Bitter.

Track Selection: Onoe Caponoe – Narnia on Pluto feat. Jehst (Audio Doughnuts)

“Although this track is a couple years old, I have only recently discovered Onoe, and love his unique flow on this haunting beat alongside Jehst.”

Selector #28 – Andy Clark


Andy Clark has been DJing in Melbourne since late 1998.

He has previously held a residency at the Laundry Bar for three years, Soft Belly for three years, and has currently been residing at Fitzroy Beer Garden for the last six-plus years on Friday and Saturday nights.  

Andy also runs nights at various venues in and around Melbourne and in the Dandenong Ranges with partner Melalani Carroll under the crew name Scarlett Vogue.

Track Selection: Jani HO – JotainUnohdettua Mutta Uutta (self-released)

“Finnish born, Melbourne based artist/producer Jani HO founder of label Finn Audio has always been a major influence for me.

Jani has been living in Melbourne for the last 18 years and has established himself as an artist in Melbourne, also starting and building is label in Melbourne and only features local artists on his label such as Voiteck, Booshank, Sam McEwin, myself and many others.”

Selector #29 – Rhythmik


Rhythmik is the creator of Culture Jam, a Melbourne party crew that see events as experiments and puts a fresh new theme to each one. This theme is then teased out through music, performers and creative promotions.

His DJ sets and line-ups have the same approach, to bring different styles and cultures together in a seamless fashion.

Track Selection: Rob Clouth- Cloud Control (Traum Schallplatten)

“I love this track, it’s techy, glitchy and mixes a bit of chaos into the order, perfect festival afternoon music and awesome summer goodness.”

Selector #30 – Tim Shiel


Tim Shiel is a seasoned veteran of Melbourne’s electronic scene. He first released albums, EPs and remixes under the name Faux Pas from 2005-2012, and was previously a valued 3RRR presenter for around six years.

Tim was also involved with pop artist Gotye, touring with him for a couple of years on sampler and keys, and  He now works again on his own production, released a game soundtrack last year for an iOS game called Duet, and collaborates with such artists as Flight Facilities and Bertie Blackman.

Track Selection: Mo Kolours – Mike Black (Exhume Music)

“I’ve been following this guy for a few years, he releases tracks here and there and this is my favourite one yet. He’s a Mauritian-via-London producer who makes really smoky, murky beats but with a strong dose of melody and just tonnes and tonnes of “vibe”. Really into this one!”

Monkey Marc’s DIY Sound System to be used at Horse Bazaar this Friday


Hot off the presses, kids, confirmation has been given that we will be using Monkey Marc’s super awesome happy DIY sound system!

This fantastic system boasts a unique and full sound, and is carefully hand-crafted with love to bring magic to your ears! It’s also run on natural juice from the sun, i.e. solar power.

Monkey Marc and the Combat Wombats have used this system whilst trekking over the country through deserts protesting on human rights and environmental issues, so you can feel the revolution in the basstones.

Something like this is bound to make the Friday night line-up of Aoi, Ghostsoul, Titus12, Kayhat and U-Wish sound even more spectacular.

The Neigh-bours events are a collaboration between Uncomfortable Beats, L-Burn Illuminati and Haarp Media, three of Melbourne’s finest smaller beats crews. The DIY system is now a regular institute at the Neigh-bours events.

The Neigh-bours team will operate on a pay-as-you-please basis, and all donations of five-plus dollars will also recieve a chance to win a double pass to REDSQ at the Royal Melbourne Hotel on Friday 28 February, featuring Berlin techno artist Redshape.

8pm-1am. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Pay-as-you-please!

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Friday 24 January – Neigh-bours feat. Aoi @ Horse Bazaar


Our next installment of Neigh-bours is a real treat and insight into the insane store of talent fostered locally in our fair city, Melbourne. Neigh-bours is a communal friendship of local beats crews Uncomfortable Beats, L-Burn Ill – and of course – Haarp Media. We also accredit Horse Bazaar as our home for this event, as we see this place as being a place for locals – especially those within hip-hop and bass-oriented music – to network and support each other.

Headliner and L-Burn Ill affiliate Aoi is possibly Melbourne’s most unique and talented producer of instrumental hip-hop beats. Starting from punk origins playing in bands in Cairns, Aoi was drawn to original hip-hop luminaries like Public Enemy and Kool G Rap because of their raw sampling and drum patterns.

He has attempted to emulate this production by utilising a “caveman” approach in digging for old cuts of jazz drum-breaks, and combining this with a dank basement vibe. This is then interpolated with cuts of sci-fi, anime and other rare oddities within his massive record collection.

Aoi’s live performance involves little in the way of digital usage, and has him drumming his arsenal of drum-breaks and other samples in true contemporary hip-hop instrumental fashion through his array of controllers.

Supporting Aoi are trip-hop revolutionary producer Ghostsoul, UK bass music creator Titus12, and Haapy Mondays duo Kayhat and U-Wish.

Make sure you make it down, because Horse Bazaar has been popping big time lately, as exhibited here at the 397 Massive party last Saturday…


8pm-1am. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Entry by donation!

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/190685147793929/?fref=ts



Also Neigh-bours isn’t Neigh-bours without our fantastic and free prize draw. Last time we gave away two tickets to Let Them Eat Cake. This time we will be drawing a double pass to REDSQ (on Friday 28 February), featuring Redshape. All you have to do is show up, donate to our event, and hopefully win!

For more on the RESQ event, read here.

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Tuesday 7 January – Tastemakers Launch Party @ Lounge

Brendan “Baddums” Webb – producer, DJ and former co-promoter for Melbourne bass-heavy night Heavy Innit – has decided to call it a day with his weekly Tuesday event Trust, and has passed the reins of Lounge Tuesdays to the very capable hands of Dave “Able8” Di Paolo – producer, DJ, head of Uncomfortable Beats and member of The Operatives.

The night has been redubbed Tastemakers and will feature all the best styles in contemporary beats styles as played by Melbourne’s creme-de-la-creme of DJs, including grime, trap, future beats, wonky, jungle, dnb and dubstep.

The launch features the talents of JPS, Able8, and UK transplants Snareophobe and Arctic.

Starts 10pm. Lounge, 243 Swanston St,Melbourne CBD. Free!

FB Page: facebook.com

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Album Review: Ghostsoul – Celestial Artifacts (Uncomfortable Beats)

Melbourne artist Ghostsoul’s pay-as-you-please full-length album Celestial Artifacts on Uncomfortable Beats has been released today.

It features Myla Vinyl, Wyldcard and Bellz, and continues to refine Ghostsoul’s sci-fi concepts of dead planets and alien transmissions. The album itself is more carefully considered and contains more emotive content than the majority of electronic releases, and could well be a stand-out landmark album for the Australian scene.

Stand-out track ‘Burning Lungs’ evokes deep-seeded emotive qualities with guest vocalist Myla Vinyl (originally from the UK), and the comparisons are sure to fly between this track and shades of Massive Attack and Portishead.

I really like how guests Wyldcard and Bellz were used as guests in this album too in the deep, ethereal and glitched-out track ‘Stepping in Dark Night’. Ghostsoul programs their voices to make them heard like insubstantial transmissions floating through space.

Reduxes of tracks like ‘The Opening Dusk’ (originally featured on Broken Symmetry) and ‘Gutter Smash’, which normally wouldn’t work for me as remixes within a new album, but are originally retaken and adhere to the overall aesthetic of Celestial Artifacts.

All in all, this album is a masterfully executed and subdued work that uses understated elements to get its message across, rather than relying on cheap whomps and embellishments that way too many producers fall back to. This contemporary work of trip-hop is not something I’ve heard since early UK 90’s releases, and I’m predicting other critics will also be raving too once they get wind of this.

A fantastic story of personal and universal evolution from one of Melbourne’s more underrated producers.


Link: Ghostsoul interview and album launch

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Thursday 12 December – Ghostsoul: ‘Celestial Artifacts’ Album Launch. EXCLUSIVE interview with Ghostsoul.


This week Melbourne producer Ghostsoul is releasing his first full-length album, entitled Celestial Artifacts. It is being released by Uncomfortable Beats, a tight-knit group of producers and DJs working to establish Australian producers of hip-hop related beats to a global audience keen on niche beats art.

32 year old Rob Healey aka Ghostsoul met up with me at Black Cat, a small but iconic bar on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

The Black Cat has been the breeding ground for a plethora of quality listening music produced by some of Melbourne, Australia’s finest artists. It’s also been the monthly home of Uncomfortable Beats events, known locally for their warm intimate vibes and as a place for local producers, DJs and friends to get together and network.

Healey says of Uncomfortable Beats that “I feel most comfortable with working with Dave (Di Paolo – Owner of Uncomfortable Beats and producer/DJ as Able8), we all have set roles in the crews and are all good friends. We all bounce ideas off each other.”

Healey and Di Paolo met in Melbourne at a residency they shared at the now-defunct Miss Libertine’s venue, but both originally came from Perth.

Rob’s history in Perth as an electronic musician started twelve years ago as a result of being around live band musicians, and he was also influenced by living with a drummer friend who set up a studio in their house.

“I started using a Roland MC505, chopped up funky breaks and used a lot of in-built synths. There were lots of cool bands around Perth like the Fascist Fair-Go party, who done sort of rock/funk/reggae, which influenced me. I also went to a lot of drum and bass parties.”

Healey evolved as a producer and got involved in underground warehouse parties, where he worked as part of a duo called Scratch Foundations, where he got to showcase his brand of breaks and develop his ideas.

Rob moved to Melbourne in 2006, where he later begun studies at RMIT to study his degree in sound production, finishing in 2010.

“I highly recommend that particular degree to anyone looking to get into sound.”

His goal was to work as a sound engineer, which he has now achieved as a goal. Unlike other engineers, he passionately loves his work.

“I’m so thankful for the opportunities I receive and it teaches me more about the realm of sounds all the time. Sound is a conscious object and there is so much to it, you can spend your whole life dedicated to it and only scratch the surface.”

During this time studying, Rob created his concept for Ghostsoul as a creative idea, and as a consciously-evoked plan to float his new music and production.

“I wanted Ghostsoul to be a sort of disembodied character, floating around in space as something sensed rather than seen. Life is pretty meaningless, but the beauty of it is that we all have the option of creating our own meaning with it. I also regard myself as a ghost outside of the scene these days.”

When asked in regards to if he preferred set systems over innovation and spontaneity, Rob replied that “in order for anything to come to fruition, there has to be a set plan of what you wish to achieve first”, which seemed to me a juxtaposition in that Rob had created a solid shadow of substance in Ghostsoul, rather than an insubstantial idea.

Ghostsoul self-released his first EP Broken Symmetry in 2011 as a limited release CD, and played regularly at smaller venues all over Melbourne.

“The Melbourne beats community as I know it is groups of loosely associated friends who are in it for the creativity rather than actual money. (laughs) I mean, let’s be honest, there’s not much money in it.”

This release was followed up by one on Hopskotch Records with EP Caught in the Unreal, which continued his travel into ethereal and clean hip-hop instrumental and reggae-infused beats, and continued to polish his production concept.

Now Ghostsoul is launching his first full-length album Celestial Artifacts this Thursday at the Worker’s Club in Fitzroy. The title is suggestive of Rob’s love of science fiction and his (rather nihilistic) life philosophy, which is yet evocative of life obtusely clinging on in the middle of nowhere.

“(Celestial Artifacts) is trying to encapsulate that sense of bits of dust floating through the universe, which contain transmissions of life as it was on dead planets far away.”

Come and judge for yourself as Rob and fellow Melbournian producers Forsue and Able8, and interstate acts Ribongia (Sydney) and How Green (Adelaide – appearing for his first time in Melbourne) will complete the Uncomfortable Beats’ team line-up for the Celestial Artifacts launch.

7pm-12am. The Workers Club, 51-55 Gertrude StFitzroy. $10/20 with copy of Celestial Artifacts.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/474331862679605

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Saturday 23 November – Haarp Media, Uncomfortable Beats & L-Burn Illuminati present Neigh-Bours


Yes, it’s that time again where we join up with our good friends to bring you our very own production! This time around, we form like Voltron with our buddy crews Uncomfortable Beats and L-Burn Illuminati to bring you this one at our home bar Horse Bazaar.

Some of you might be wondering why we chose these crews and this place to work with. It definately was a gourmet selection for us.

We believe that Uncomfortable Beats are one of Melbourne’s leading crews in innovating in both local and other fresh sounds from around Australia such as Ribongia, Aneurythm and Akouo, in a way that is quintessentially Melbourne, functioning as both label and party maker.

To us, L-Burn Illuminati are Australia’s most original hip-hop group, and do something rare in hip-hop by breaking away from the status quo. They let their personalities shine and (to us) are the equivalent to an Aussie fun-time backyard Wu-Tang Clan. They too are quinessentially Melbourne. All of their music is free at Bandcamp.

Horse Bazaar is our choice for a venue because they’ve always been on the local pulse and exemplify (to us) what being a beats-based community is all about. We love the staff, food, cheap Monday drinks and good times to be had there, and they too are quintessentially Melbourne.

We at Haarp Media also like to think that we’re quintessentially Melbourne ourselves as a blog and also as a DJ click too in our support for the various factions of musical communities all across Melbourne.

And so all of us present this proudly to you as a little bit of our heart and soul. Now presenting our playas…

Merc Swazey (L-Burn Illuminati – NZ)

Latest L-Burn Illuminati member Merc Swazey combines complex rhyming sensibilities with a sense of fun in satirising #yoloswag and trap music. This is one of his first public performances in Melbourne.

Mr DNA (L-Burn Illuminati)

DNA’s smoked-out and dirty lyrical flow has steadily been improving since instigating the L-Burn Illuminati crew, and is this is heard in his latest collaboration with grimey analog boom-bap king DOS4GW on free EP Molecules.

DJ Kid Language Barrier (L-Burn Illuminati)

L-Burn trill member KLB is one of the few brave individuals who specialise in footwork/juke beats, and will also be acting DJ for Swazey and DNA.

Able 8 x Ghostsoul (Uncomfortable Beats – Live)

Able8 and Ghostsoul are singularly unique and original producers, and both share no-nonsense hip-hop instrumental styles to highlight their individual flavours. They combine their elements for this rare and live performance.

Shikung (Uncomfortable Beats)

Shikung is a DJ name synonymous with Melbourne city bass beats, having over a decade’s experience in DJing in virtually every poppin’ spot across our fair city, and leads the way in eclectic DJing of various bass music and hip-hop styles. He will shortly be celebrating ten years of DJing at iconic Brunswick Street bar – the Black Cat.

Warpa!nt (Hopskotch Records/Haapy Mondays – Live)

Warpa!nt’s production is set on the rock of garage, dubstep and hip-hop foundations, and succeeds in creating a sound that is familiar yet original in its depth and atmosphere. He released his first EP Burn City Steppa Vol.1 earlier this year on Hopskotch Records and plays as regular guest at Haarp Mondays.

U-Wish x Kayhat (Cymatic Society/Haapy Mondays)

U-Wish and Kayhat reside every Monday night at Horse Bazaar for a B2B three hour set. U-Wish’s hip-hop, glitch and dubstep/dancehall foundations blends perfectly with Kayhat’s psychedelically dark dubstep, IDM and juke track selection. U-Wish produces his own hip-hop beats and Kayhat’s popular ‘WTF is Glitch-Hop’ mix has had over 250 plays.



We are giving away two single passes to Let Them Eat Cake, Melbourne’s biggest niche electronic music festival, worth $150 each. We aren’t going to tell you what time we’re giving them away, so you’d best be there for the event in its entirety to avoid missing out. Every donating attendee will have their name put in the draw once.


Monkey Marc’s DIY sound system will turn out our sound perfectly, and we encourage you to donate to help fund the cost of running the system.

That’s about it. Come along, have fun, and also note that all attendees will be put on the guestlist for Hopskotch Records’ Unsub event at Roxanne’s (functioning for us as an after-party), meaning you can go to that party for only $10.

8pm-1am. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. By Donation!

FB Page: facebook.com/events

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Thursday 17 October – Uncomfortable Beats feat. Durban Poison & Sensi

Uncomfortable Beats is on at Black Cat, as they are every third Thursday at Brunswick Street, Fitzroy’s iconic Black Cat.

Special guests this time are Durban Poison, well-known around Melbourne for his wonky instrumental hip-hop, and Sensi, local ripper DJ and this time innovating some live electronica into the act.

Residents for Uncomfortable Beats this time are Able8 and Bevin Campbell in DJ sets.

8pm-1am. The Black Cat, 252 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. Free!

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/714703978557569/

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Thursday 26 September – Uncomfortable Beats feat. Akouo and Empty


Uncomfortable Beats continue their monthly events at Black Cat this Thursday night.

Do check out headlining Tasmanian act Aukouo, he’s got some really nice wonky, chillwave-type stuff.

Also featuring are Empty (from Western Australia), Daixie (a great local who has also played in support of Daisuke Tanabe) and Able8 (head uncomfy guy and much loved friend of ours).

As always, Uncomfortable Beats is free and easily accessable via the 112 tram on Brunswick Street. They’ll be starting up events next month at Horse Bazaar, so stay tuned for that one in October.

8pm-1pm. Black Cat, 252 Brunswick Street. Free!

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Thursday 18 July – Uncomfortable Beats feat. Durban Poison, Baddums, Ghostsoul and Kayhat


Uncomfortable Beats comes back once again to warm up the chilly Melbourne evenings with some fine chill music. It’s another great midweek option for those looking to dine in Fitzroy/Collingwood, before relaxing to a couple of drinks at the Black Cat, one of Fitzroy’s most iconic bars for visitors.

This particular evening’s purveyors of tasty tunes include special guests in local wonky/chill hip-hop producer Durban Poison, and bad man Baddums from the Heavy Innit click.

Add clever proddy craftsman, Uncomfortable Beats resident and soundbwoy extraordinaire Ghostsoul, and our own Haarp Media editor Kayhat’s abstract and dubby DJing to the brew and you’ve got a great little team for this particular Thursday night.

Thursday 18 July 2013, 8pm-1am, 252 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. Free.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/Uncomfortable.Beats?ref=ts&fref=ts

Haarp Media Guest Picks – #2: Aneurythm


Rohan Lloyd aka Aneurythm – DJ/Producer for Uncomfortable Beats and Viscous City, Lismore (NSW).

1. Shangri-La – Skinshape (DLOAW & CO)

A re-creation of the feel of 70’s psychedelia, complete with chaotic meltdown at the end.

2. Suufi – Skomes (Uncomfortable Beats)

Some songs you know you will love from the instant you hear the first note.

3. Tip Toe (Part One) – Vinja (Addictech)

This is music to make secret agents drink martinis.

4. Particle – Mandeldrop (unreleased)

Funk-fueled mutating madness, so many elements flying around it, it should be disorientating but somehow it stays centered.

5. Stude Rhythm – Two Fingers (Big Dada)

If you open your set with this, you had better provide pure dance floor fire.

6. Oblation – Lomovolokno (Mad-Hop)

Stripped back and subtle, short sweet segue with a siren singing ‘sometimes’.

7. Blow My Mind – The Mank (Mank Industries)

Five and a half minutes of pure summertime vibes, try and screwface to this. I dare ya!

8. In The Sky – Author (Black Box)

Trip-hop meets dubstep with impeccable production, live horns and great piano riffs.

9. The Rugged – Reso (Inspected)

Some roughneck reece shit right here, only for the hardcore raver.

10. Crooked Muse – Beats Antique ft. LYNX (self-released)

Catchy lopsided gypsy rock amalgamation that makes for a brilliant palette cleanser.




Event of the Week: Thursday 20 June – Uncomfortable Beats feat. Syncretia + Aneurythm


Uncomfortable Beats have been laying low since their monthly residency at Bar Open ended last year, and now focus primarly on their record label. The only couple of events that really raised eyebrows were for Doshy and Ribongia, but this event should up the uncomfortable stakes again.

Syncretia and Juxtpose will both be releasing albums shortly (Spicy Sunshine and Transference respectively), and this event serves to launch their sounds live to an intimate gathering at Fitzroy’s iconic Black Cat bar. Also featured and definately not overshadowed are Lismore’s Aneurythm and Sydney’s Ears.

This will be Aneurythm’s first Melbourne show, so get in early to avoid not getting a nice seat, as this will definately reach capacity, what with being free and all. Uncomfortable Beats resident and curator Able8 will also be representing in his usual immaculate style as well.

Thursday 20 June 2013, 8pm-1am, Black Cat, 252 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/419160251524955/?ref=2

Sounds Like: www.syncretia.com

Review: V/A – Heliosphere: Compilation #5 (Uncomfortable Beats)

Uncomfortable Beats – if you’re not already aware – is a small Melbourne label, specialising in niche urban sounds and communal gatherings of local DJs. Heliosphere is the label’s fifth release as a record label, and they now unveil a new platter of talented Australian producers.

This release differs from the previous four compilations in being focused on a more loungey atmosphere, but retains the UK garage and hip-hop sound and soul as the previous compilations. Warmth radiates from Heliosphere, and one track flows seamlessly to another. There isn’t one mediocre track on this release and this is a perfect album to leave playing free on a lazy day.

Artists I wasn’t previously familiar with that stood out for me personally were Sailax, Skomes and Syncretia. Sailax’s ‘Ascend’ delves deep and is executed impeccably. Skomes’ ‘Suufi’ is a dirge of awesome drum hits over middle eastern sampling, done in proper DJ Krush hip-hop instrumental fashion. Syncretia’s ‘All Too Human’ creates a moogy atmosphere that is inscrutable and sums up the overall theme of Heliosphere.

Ghostsoul and Aneurythm also display their signature sounds that are really coming into their own, and represents them as that rare breed of truly authentic producers. Ghostsoul’s simplistic no-frills trip-hop ambiance in ‘A Million Broken Ideas’ is one of those tracks that truly sticks as unique, whilst Aneurythm’s rolling drum loops over broken and discordant keys in ‘Blankets’ is fresh and inimitable.

The overall focus of Heliosphere is more honed than their previous releases and this unique Australian label is showing they are maturing at a rapid rate.


1. Willhem – Poets
2. Sailax – Ascend
3. Durban Poison – Mind Games Part II
4. DTS – Human Essence
5. Able8 – Gumboots
6. Senator J1m – Nearness
7. Busty St Claire – Forked
8. Aneurythm – Blanket
9. Skomes – Suufi
10. Ruffles – Fluent
11. Ghostsoul – A Million Broken Ideas
12. Johnny Faith – Rain Came Down
13. Syncretia – All Too Human

Link: http://www.beatport.com/release/compilation-5-heliosphere/1078175