Hijak Special Bios #6 – U-Wish

Originally hailing from Perth, James Harris aka U-Wish has solidly been carving a niche out for himself for the last couple of years.  At this upcoming Hijak special, you can expect him to be right on point as usual with his unique blend of hip-hop, future beats and bass music.

One of Melbourne’s most in-demand DJs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights around small niche venues, U-Wish also keeps himself flat-out organising events for his project Cymatic Society, producing and releasing his own beats, and assisting with getting other artists’ tracks together for Uncomfortable Beats.


U-Wish Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/u-wish
U-Wish Facebook:  facebook.com/u-wish




Thursday 29 May – Hi-Jak @ eFiftyFive


Another great local night at eFiftyFive featuring Kayhat, U-Wish and Able 8 as DJs from 8pm-1am, which will leave you time to get the tram home.

Great chemistry between the three of us was shown last time in a packed-out and cosy venue, which will be getting even cosier now that it’s coming up to Melbourne winter.

Get down into the basement for a nice, sloppy Thursday evening on a nice, sloppy couch with some nice, sloppy beer and toasties, whilst you and your friends get nice and sloppy.

8pm-1am. eFIftyFive, 55 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

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Written by Kristian Hatton.

Thursday 27 February – Hi-Jak feat. Kayhat + U-Wish + Able8 @e55


Come along this Thursday evening to catch Able8, U-Wish and myself (Kayhat) play at eFiftyFive for a session of beats that are right on the pulse of where it’s at right now.

I have to say that it’s always fun playing with two guys that have become very close to me as workmates and friends over the last couple of years, and all of us are really passionate about our scene in Melbourne. It’s something we believe in enough to be out night after night as three guys who are out all the time.

Why is this night different to other nights? Why would you want to see us play yet again? I’ll tell you why plain and simple without embellishment.

When us three get together, some magic happens. We all come from similar places, yet we still contrast each other in a really positive blend. Last time we got together at eFIftyFive, we had everyone engaged to our sound platter from start to finish.

Do you detect a little bit of bias in this article? Of course. Can any journalist who does things on a voluntary basis be impartial? I love what I do, and it’s what I am in essence. We’re all about love for our beats community, and we’ll show you this love when we combine like Voltron for you.

Hope to see you there, kids, much love. We fucking represent.

8pm-1am. eFiftyFive, Basement Level, 55 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

FB Page: facebook.com/events

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Hi-Five: Melbourne’s Producers/DJs and Their Current Favourite Track – Part 6

Selector #26 – Able8


Able8 is director of Uncomfortable Beats, a member of The Operatives, and holds a residency at The Lounge featuring other local artists on Tuesday nights dubbed Tastemakers.

Originally from Perth, Dave “Able8” Di Paulo‘s main hobby is producing and performing stripped-back boom-bap beats, as well as making forays into experimental bass styles. He also works with UK rappers Benny Diction, Biet Nun and Melody Myla, as well as local rappers like Julez, Manix, and a host of others.

Track Selection: Evil Needle – Groovin in Heaven (HW&W Recordings)

“Every time I hear this track it brings such a good vibe and reminds me that Hip-Hop will always be at the core of what I do musically. It influences me to go back and write some bouncy, jazzy beats, but also makes me want to drink a cider in the sun…”

Selector #27 – U-Wish


U-Wish aka James Harris is another Perth/Melbourne cross-over, who shares residency at the Haapy Mondays sessions (Horse Bazaar) with Kayhat. He also works with Kayhat and Able8 in beats sessions at eFiftyFive, and is affiliated with SK, Titus12 and Ghostsoul.

James is also involved with his own hip-hop project – The Cymatic Society – and is currently producing hip-hop beats, and DJs for the likes of Melody Myla, New Dub City, Vytal Juan, Seeka and Vic the Bitter.

Track Selection: Onoe Caponoe – Narnia on Pluto feat. Jehst (Audio Doughnuts)

“Although this track is a couple years old, I have only recently discovered Onoe, and love his unique flow on this haunting beat alongside Jehst.”

Selector #28 – Andy Clark


Andy Clark has been DJing in Melbourne since late 1998.

He has previously held a residency at the Laundry Bar for three years, Soft Belly for three years, and has currently been residing at Fitzroy Beer Garden for the last six-plus years on Friday and Saturday nights.  

Andy also runs nights at various venues in and around Melbourne and in the Dandenong Ranges with partner Melalani Carroll under the crew name Scarlett Vogue.

Track Selection: Jani HO – JotainUnohdettua Mutta Uutta (self-released)

“Finnish born, Melbourne based artist/producer Jani HO founder of label Finn Audio has always been a major influence for me.

Jani has been living in Melbourne for the last 18 years and has established himself as an artist in Melbourne, also starting and building is label in Melbourne and only features local artists on his label such as Voiteck, Booshank, Sam McEwin, myself and many others.”

Selector #29 – Rhythmik


Rhythmik is the creator of Culture Jam, a Melbourne party crew that see events as experiments and puts a fresh new theme to each one. This theme is then teased out through music, performers and creative promotions.

His DJ sets and line-ups have the same approach, to bring different styles and cultures together in a seamless fashion.

Track Selection: Rob Clouth- Cloud Control (Traum Schallplatten)

“I love this track, it’s techy, glitchy and mixes a bit of chaos into the order, perfect festival afternoon music and awesome summer goodness.”

Selector #30 – Tim Shiel


Tim Shiel is a seasoned veteran of Melbourne’s electronic scene. He first released albums, EPs and remixes under the name Faux Pas from 2005-2012, and was previously a valued 3RRR presenter for around six years.

Tim was also involved with pop artist Gotye, touring with him for a couple of years on sampler and keys, and  He now works again on his own production, released a game soundtrack last year for an iOS game called Duet, and collaborates with such artists as Flight Facilities and Bertie Blackman.

Track Selection: Mo Kolours – Mike Black (Exhume Music)

“I’ve been following this guy for a few years, he releases tracks here and there and this is my favourite one yet. He’s a Mauritian-via-London producer who makes really smoky, murky beats but with a strong dose of melody and just tonnes and tonnes of “vibe”. Really into this one!”

February’s Haapy Mondays @ Horse Bazaar – Coming Guests!


Just in case you don’t know, Haapy Mondays are a weekly non-profit for-the-community event established by Haarp Media last year, in a bid to nurture up-and-coming producers and DJs in Melbourne. We don’t ask for any money for performance, just food and drink, that way it’s a simple exchange of entertainment for hospitality on a slow night of the week which can keep on going without threat of financial downturn.

James “U-Wish” Harris and I (Kayhat) perform as residents every week with a special guest, who is usually a friend or an associate who comes to our events, or someone who approaches us who wishes to express themselves via electronic or hip-hop music performance. We pride outselves on our friendly and relaxed Monday culture of regular patrons, $6 pints, wines and basics, and awesome Japanese cuisine as cooked by soul mama chef and Horse Bazaar co-director (along with husband Fumi),Takako Enomoto.

We invite you to come along to our sessions, and here’s what’s forthcoming for February. Shortest month of the year, still chockas for quality local entertainment and good times.

Episode #14 – Lowkey Lockdown – 10 February

Sebastian Elkner aka Warpa!nt and Sarah Buckley-Jones aka Shuttersound are two northside artists and friends I met during Seb’s Lowkey – Midweek Beats sessions (now finished) – previously held at The Thornbury Local on High Street.

Lowkey was one of the first places to invite me as a DJ to play, and was my first true home in Melbourne as some form of residency.

I got to see both of my new friends evolve at this event as artists too. Both of them came from heavy UK dubstep influence, and both have elevated their own personal brand of beats from this influence.

Warpa!nt released an EP on Hopskotch Records, which combined his love for hip-hop, techno and garage stylings, whilst Shuttersound developed more progressive and house stylings from her work with non-profit humanitarian crew Beat Buffet and a trip to Europe she made in recent times.

Come and hear why I rate my friends not just as friends, but also two of Melbourne’s elite DJs and producers.

Episode #15 – Tiger Style – 17 February

L-Burn Illuminati member Tigermoth is also a mean DJ as DJ Tengu. Tigermoth’s reputation precedes itself from a jazz-infused, back-to-basics approach to hip-hop production and DJing.

Also playing with us to compliment this night’s hip-hop theme is ex-Sydney scratcher Rav, whose affiliation with other Sydney hip-hop element purveyors speaks for itself with Rav’s seemless scratching. His hands do the talking.

Come down and get a piece of hip-hop at its finest, and James and I will be sure to get in on the act of back-to-basics tracks and mixing approaches.

Episode #16 – Elph Debut – 24 February

Peter O’Leary from the Wednesday Experiment has found some new talent in songstress Elissa. Peter’s trip-hop-style of production is inspired by such artists as Lamb, Portishead and Massive Attack.

We’re all very interested as see what kind of Monday experiment Elissa and Peter have lined up, as his last project was received well by Victorian audiences. We expect that this one will be on a similar tip, except influenced and molded into something new by Elissa. They will be playing an hour and a half from 7:30-9pm, make sure you get in early to get some space to sit.

6-10pm. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1377169122546653/?ref=2&ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

Written by Kristian Hatton.

A Haarp Media Event – Haapy Mondays @ Horse Bazaar


We have formed a residency with the good people of Horse Bazaar in Melbourne’s CBD. DJs U-Wish (aka James Harris) and Kayhat (aka Kristian Hatton) play to each others style in a complimentary and eclectic fashion B2B over four hours with one friend appearing every week.

Our friends appearing are (and not limited to) Tom Mac, China Sky, Shuttersound, Jordan and Warpa!nt. There may be improvisations, special guests and surprises in store too…

The outcomes we wish to have from this residency are as follows…

  1. A Communal Monday: We wish to have a space where people involved in the electronic and hip-hop culture of Melbourne can congregate and share resources and ideas. Feel free to approach any of our DJs with your ideas and pitches, we all have open ears.
  2. Cheap Food and Drinks: We have $15 porterhouse steak with a choice of sauces and a complimentary drink, and $6 pints, wines and basic spirits all night long. We are on par with any other Monday deals and boast more quality than most, courtesy of host Takako Enomoto and her down-to-earth Horse Bazaar team.
  3. Above Average Music and Talent: We use this event as our voice and business card to broadcast our talent to other promoters in Melbourne. All DJs play on theme to a different genre every week to celebrate our cultural diversity and promote an extended range of tunes that never grow old.

Like Haarp Media, this event is a voluntary production unless we get more people to attend our event, and give Horse Bazaar more than overhead costs.

So please come along and bring your friends, you honestly can’t lose with the student-friendly price we offer for food and drink, and also the humble and inviting DJs, staff, patrons, atmosphere and tunes on display.

6-10pm. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/165343500338807/

Written by Kristian Hatton.