HMSVIP#3, Friday 13 April @ The Gollan Hotel – Drum and Bass Special!

Our third session kicks off on Friday 13 April, and our residents are cutting their junglist teeth as we speak. We have extra subs ready in place to give you that real and authentic drum and bass experience.

You can expect Shampoo to be playing an intelligent and heady jungle footwork set with interludes of half-time/grime, before Nimrod kicks off her first dnb-specialising set of chunky half-time, breakcore and neurofunk/tear-out elements.  Balance will cap things off for the evening as captain junglist of the Haarp Media Sessions crew, with a classic and banging techstep set, with primetime and heavier examples of jungle and neurofunk.

If our license allows, we’ll be kicking into overdrive with our resident DJs doing impromptus vs sets.  We can’t as of yet confirm whether or not The Gollan Hotel will be able to grant us 3am closing time, but the licensing process is now in the works even as we speak.

Of course, our nights are crewed by sound men Jon Pinkerton and Kurt Brine, lights mama Kelly Freeman, door gentlewomen Alicia and Sista Ray, and of course the fantastic staff of the Gollan Hotel.  Bring $10 with your for door entry, unless you get there for a $5 discount before 9pm.

We can’t wait to see you all once again for the #1 top gunning, local representing bass crew of NNSW – Haarp Media VIP Sessions! BOOM!

Please RSVP for the event at this link here!



Saturday 31 May – Phuture @ New Guernica


If there’s one gig you should be going to this weekend, here it is. if there’s one group who could be said to have pioneered Chicago acid house, Phuture is it, and they are coming to New Guernica this Saturday.

DJ Pierre, Spanky and Herb J (the first two appearing on Saturday) started recording in 1985. Those rolling, squelchy sounds you know as the key bass emulation leader for so many old house songs were created by a Roland TB-303, which was Phuture’s tool of choice.

Through their focus on Chicago clubs in their prime, Phuture extended their sound to rave and acid house culture worldwide with hypnotic,funky and driving 10+ minute minute tracks like ‘Acid Tracks’ (1987) and ‘We Are Phuture’ (1988).

Here is a chance to catch some true legends of the house game, get with the program. A great bargain too at 25-30 bucks a ticket.

This event is being fronted by Funf Touring and The Selectors, and supporting acts are Sleep D, Cleverhands, Safari, Harold & Conor, 6am at the Garage and Jesse Young


9pm-5am. New Guernica, 322 Little Collins Street, Melbourne CBD. $25/30.

Facebook Event Page

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Friday 30 May – Machine presents Truncate (US)


Label and monthly event team Machine reach their fifth milestone this Friday!

If you don’t already know, Machine is the brainchild of veteran DJ Simon Slieker and Psy-Harmonics label co-owner Andrew Till. Together, they’ve carefully forged a niche in no-bullshit techno that operates on stripped-back and minimal aspects of beats, and a strong minimal visual aesthetic on their flyers and merchandise.

Machine have also have released sixteen albums at this time of publication from artists like Enclave, Linus and Vincenn.

Many proponents of Machine often cite the hypnotic depth of their beats that one can aesthetically connect with science, trance-like states, space and the often anxiety-provoking and mechanical nature of our urban climate.

To celebrate this occasion, Machine have invited America’s Truncate back their event. California is more known for superficial and showy beats, but also has a small cult following of deep techno in producer/DJs like Truncate and Drumcell that has developed into something bigger.

Truncate has been played by such luminaries as Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Chris Liebing and Speedy J, and has released tracks on 40 labels including CLR, Droid and Electric Deluxe.

He had a massive showing in January 2012 last time at Machine, and this one looks to be a similar story with over 200 people recorded as attending on their Facebook event page, with many excited comments in abundance.

Simon Slieker and Andrew Till will be play as support DJs in support of Truncate, and I’m sure are very proud for holding strong and true to their brand and vision for electronic music in Melbourne.

This event is at My Aeon, as have all their events for the last five years.

Tickets (Resident Advisor)

10pm-6am. My Aeon, 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick. $22 (ticket + BF).

Facebook Event Page

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Friday 30 May – The Hacker @ Liberty Social


The Hacker makes his way to Melbourne this Friday for an exclusive show at The Liberty Social Club.

French electro/techno artist Michel Atamo is probably best known for his collaborative efforts with Miss Kittin in producing electroclash singles ‘1982’ and ‘Frank Sinatra’ from the First Album – um – album produced in 2001.

The Hacker started producing electro in 1989 and was influenced heavily by Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and Duran Duran in his overall production. He is considered an important part of the rise in prominence of French electro-house, and has remained committed to his overall sound.

This tour is to promote the launch of his new album Love/Kraft, which was launched on 22 April. This will be the first time The Hacker has played in Melbourne for over a decade.

There are no early bird tickets available now. Avoid disappointment and get in early. A good second option for those who miss out on tickets to the Electro Swing Club.

Tickets (Moshtix)

10pm-6am. Liberty Social, 279 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. $33.80 (through Moshtix).

Facebook Event Page

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Friday 30 May – Electro Swing Club @ 170 Russell


This is a set that’s got the town raving right now, the Electro Swing Club. I remember these guys getting started up on the bootleg tip at the 20 Ovens warehouse a couple of years ago, but I thought the trend would have passed by now.

Instead the electro-swing genre been pushed even further by Hellzapoppin through its seemingly exclusive nature of 1920’s fashion chic, vaudevillian decor and cosplay, burlesque, swing dancing and caberet all combined into one big hipster orgy.

Because of these elements, the Electro Swing Club have pioneered Australian “Speakeasy” events and expanded them into a colossal franchise which many major cities across the world want a piece of. 

I must admit I underestimated how big this would go due to my own personal distaste for big-beat styles and mid-range whomp, but there you go, I guess I’m not up with popular movements at times. Hey, I guess that’s my own ego fucking with me once again, we all have our own cross to bear.

I still can’t stand this sort of electronica personally though because of cliched builds, drops and vox samples, but damn it’s gotten trendy cause of the fashion attached to it, and because a lot of people regard it as a combination of old and new, and it does have certain elegance and undeniable dancefloor pull to it.

Anyway, I don’t like admitting I’m ever wrong about anything. Let’s keep it simple and dispense of the waffling. At least I can consolidate myself in that “Melbourne Bounce” can eat their teeny-bopper hearts out, and that at least these guys are genuinely pretty cool and creative cats in comparison. I get jealous too sometimes, admittedly. 

The main thing to remember now if you want one of these exclusive tickets, you’ll have to get in by 10am tomorrow morning on Monday. The promotion states that they’ve been solidally in demand via email and phone, so if they’re to be believed, you’ll have to get in quick.

Playing for your entertainment if you can get in on this one…

The Woohoo Revue (in what is touted as their final Melbourne show!), Flap, Mortisville and Friends Live Band (UK/Melb), DrCAT (DJ Set – UK/Italy), Electronic Swing Orchestra (POEKS DJ Set – Berlin), Sekkt (Live – Melb/Slovakia) and Cat Party (Melb).

Also featured in the “Contraband Room” (I mean, is this all geared for drug mystique or what, nice promotion) we have Jantango , Moskallin, Blunderbuss and Red Dragon, as well as performers Miss Friby of Vivacious Burlesque, Sugar Le Brun of Sexy Burlesque, and the Swing Patrol with Living Swing Dancing.

There’s also advertised to be more stage performers, burlesque acts and podium swing dancers to be announced, as well vaudeville face painting, multi projection imagery, “world class” lighting provided by Lupine Lighting, and further Vaudevillian 1920’s decor touches to top this very extravagant-sounding event.

Remember, get your tickets bright and early tomorrow morning if you wish to attend. 


9pm-5am. 170 Russell, 170 Russell Street, Melbourne CBD. $30.

Facebook Event Page

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Friday 30 May – 50/50 Grime Night @ Lounge


Here’s one for the grime fans of Melbourne, Fitzroy’s Laundry Bar will be catering a specialist event for you on Friday night, presented by 50-50, which is an off-shoot of Warner McMahon’s One Puf click.

This is done in part to launch Melbourne grime’s Youthful Implants and Minister’s new EP entitled Carnival Music, set to be self-released on Youthful Implants’ own label Strontium Music. They will be performing their material live on vocals at this show.

The line-up is 100% Melbourne grime locals AC23, Arctic, Alaska, Baddums, Diem, Dr Flea, Fraksha, Murky, Threatz, Shobu, and Sonofsam.

9pm-2am. The Laundry Bar, 48-50 Johnston street, Fitzroy. Free!

Facebook Event Page

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Thursday 29 May – Hi-Jak @ eFiftyFive


Another great local night at eFiftyFive featuring Kayhat, U-Wish and Able 8 as DJs from 8pm-1am, which will leave you time to get the tram home.

Great chemistry between the three of us was shown last time in a packed-out and cosy venue, which will be getting even cosier now that it’s coming up to Melbourne winter.

Get down into the basement for a nice, sloppy Thursday evening on a nice, sloppy couch with some nice, sloppy beer and toasties, whilst you and your friends get nice and sloppy.

8pm-1am. eFIftyFive, 55 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

Facebook Event Page

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Tuesday 27 May – Tastemakers presents Rattraps


Charlie Boyle aka Rattraps is an Australian producer currently specialising in the juke/footwork genre, and he’ll be coming to Melbourne this Tuesday to Tastemakers at The Lounge as part of his national tour. 

His music has been featured on such juke specialist web labels as Good Street, Sequel One and Drop Dem Records. He has collaborated with other juke producers like Suhp Yao and Spenda C (alias of former Australian breaks producer Kid Kenobi), and has been remixed such artists as Paces and Gully.

He’ll also be playing a fair few tracks in tribute to recently deceased footwork pioneer DJ Rashad, as is everyone else who is currently playing juke.

Able8 and 2fuddha will be supporting DJs.

If you need to go over what the general concept is at the weekly Tastemakers events, please click here.

I found it quite interesting he played at the Big Pineapple festival at Nambour, but I didn’t really see the relevance between footwork and big pineapples. Perhaps I’m not thinking laterally enough. If you see this one, perhaps you can ask him for me. Actually, I’m not interested.

Starts 9pm. The Lounge, 243 Swanston Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

Facebook Event Page

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Saturday 24 April – Hugo Gerani + Andras Fox + Oscar Key Sung @ Ferdydurke


Here’s another lowkey Saturday night option in Melbourne.

Western Australia’s Hugo Gerani is set for a visit to our city. His beats are nested in atmospheric and downtempo housey soundscapes, evocative of sun-kissed Balearic beaches and ridiculously accessorised cocktails.

Gerani will be supported by the very excellent locals Andras Fox and Oscar Key Sung. If you know these guys, you’ll pretty much get the gist of the event and know that this night will be a quality one to be a part of.

Misha aka d0gb0y of Friendships will be down to round out the beats with some tasty visuals.

8pm-1am. Ferdydurke, Levels 1 and 2, 239 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

Click Here for Facebook Event Page

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Saturday 24 April – DJ Rashad Tribute @ Lounge – What Does a Dead Artist’s Legacy Mean To You?


Forgive me if you think this is mean-spirited, but I have some views I wish to express. It’s a touchy subject, but let’s break some taboos and talk real talk.

I’m not sure how I feel about tributes for Dead Artists. At worse, part of me thinks people exploit Dead Artists for gain. This is in no way directed at this event in particular, this is more of an objective statement. 

DJ Rashad (rest in peace) died recently in April at the age of 34. 

Rashad was one of the pioneers and champions of juke beats, a variant of Chicago ghetto house music that evolved in part to accommodate the battle-dance variant of breaking known as footwork. The scene blew up in recent years and the music garnered the attention of Hyperdub Records, who released a full work of Rashad’s album – entitled Double Cup – last year.

He left the legacy of cliques behind in Teklife, Beatdown House and Ghettoteknitianz, whose crew members include such producers as DJ Clent, Gant-Man, DJ Earl, Manny, Spinn and LiL JaBBA, amongst many others.

Rashad played at an Operatives event in September last year at Howler’s first show to a packed house. I was actually there and playing footwork in sets myself at the time, and a lot of DJs who were there ended up getting inspired and started playing footwork too.

Now his Melbourne tribute is happening at The Lounge this Saturday. DJs Able 8, Bevin Campbell, B.O.O.M.A, Fletch, Friendships, Simon Winkler, 2fuddha andWooshie will all be playing beats in tribute.

There’s an intent to donate a portion of the profits to his family for the upcoming DJ Rashad gig this Saturday night at The Lounge


I don’t believe everything is good faith and charity. People may deny and get angry that I say this. Don’t get offended, it’s just an alternative opinion that need voicing. I support Melbourne beats 100%. I just ask that you read this with an open mind, because it’s an objective statement, not directed at any venue or people in particular.

Humans are more complicated and fucked-up than to be 100% charitable, and we’re always after some sort of opportunity for ourselves, me included. I make controversial statements to get your interest. That chick who dedicates her life to saving wildlife wants gratitude from her peers. You may work for a voluntary organisation cause “it’s the right thing to do”, whilst the organisation uses their tax returns to pay for and support themselves.

One of the best ways to get interest is to be really famous or good at something, and then to DIE. Unfortunately, you can’t benefit from this but everyone else can. Don’t be afraid to question your own values.

It annoys the shit out of me that artists “mourn” J Dilla year in, make a point of twittering insincerely “RIP Dilla” and getting extra press for saying their favourite Dilla tracks, while his poor Ma Dukes is poverty-striken from paying Dilla’s hospital bills. I mean honestly, I think most people couldn’t give a fuck if Dilla was alive or dead.

I have to ask promoters here with ANY Rashad tribute:  Are DJs getting paid for the tribute (I believe they should cause Rashad would want it that way)? Are footwork DJs or promoters winning from this? Does Rashad’s estate really need the extra money? What would Rashad want in terms of his various tributes? How much is the percentage of profit that will be donated from this event?

Like it or not, DJs who play footwork actually benefit from Rashad’s demise, and now a Dead Artist’s legacy is also inclusive of whole genres of music, as I’m sure many other footwork artists will be played on this night. Footwork is now able to be utilised for specialist genre shows in Melbourne. Teklife DJs are now touring worldwide and getting paid great.

I’m personally fine with whatever, I’m just posing questions of ethics and things are complicated.

DJ Rashad was one of electronic music’s most understated talents, and what he done for beats was inimitable. So I pay tribute too, and am hopefully minimising insincerity in doing so.

The footwork legacy continues through Melbourne DJs and producers.

Oh and by the way, I am aware of the inherent contradiction of writing an article with a Dead Artist at the root of it. That’s for me to deal with moralistically, search your own soul.

In the end, I do reckon it’s great that juke has come to prominence. Rashad would definitely be happy with that.

Starts 10pm. The Lounge, 243 Swanston St, Melbourne. $10.

Click Here for Facebook Event

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Saturday 24 May – HNQO @ Freaq Lounge


Brasilian House DJ/Producer HNQO of Detected Records plays at Prahran’s new Freaq Lounge this Saturday. The event is presented by 303 and LMS.

Admittedly, I’m not too up with my knowledge on HNQO, but I can at least say that his bio is a steaming pile of number two’s. I mean, check this out…

“In Curitiba, Brazil, the days are warm, and the nights are long. On the streets of this town, boys become men, and souls are both lost and found. No one knows this better than the artist known as HNQO. As a famed breakdancer in his youth, he went in search of himself, with little more than a dream and the voices of Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash to guide him.”

“Before long, he was dexterously layering hi hats onto groovy house beats, and chopping hip-hop vocals with a soft but menacing touch. His music takes hold of you from collar to knee, with cheeky hooks and infectious rhythms. More than a musician, HNQO is an interpreter of the past, fusing elements of hip hop, jazz, and other genres into his very own style of deep house grooves.”

Translation: “HNQO is a Brazilian heavily influenced by the hip-hop elements and jazz in his really nice deep house sets, and some of his favourite artists are Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash.”

I mean, holy fuck, am I the only one who thinks this sounds pretentious as fuck? I would rather lynch myself than have a bio like that for myself. I mean, are we in reality here, or is this a failed attempt at soft-porn romance? Or did his bitch write this for him? I think promo like this underestimates people might fall for this tripe.

I’m sure he plays some good beats though. 

So join him and the rest of the support DJs Brad Daniels, Jacob Malmo, MoodMachine, Muska, AROKX, Liana Gomes, Tahl, Liam Waller, Damir Smith, Matt Waters and Marcus James Holder for a good night of ass-shaking and look cool/pose/take selfies with your buddies on the south side of town.

Early bird tickets have reportedly sold out, so make sure you get in quick if you wish to attend.


Starts 10pm. Freaq Lounge, 177 Greville Street, Prahran. $27.50.

Click Here for Facebook Event Page

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Friday 23 May – Mithya Music presents Hi-Tech Shenanigans


Okay, here’s a psytrance show for you all to attend out at Brunswick this Friday, entitled Hi-Tech Shenanigans.

I personally can’t stand a majority of the psytrance genre, but it certainly has its place in Melbourne’s electronic music community. There’s even a certain number of tracks I can listen to without bleeding out of my ears, and even get down and have a good boogey to..

Also I respect that psytrance crews do some of the best efforts out in terms of decor and overall atmosphere to have a party on, and put the majority of us to shame in terms of establishing environment.

So I’ll rep psy here as an important and creative part of Australian electronic music culture, no doubt.

Shows by this particular crew – Mithya Music – are also always energetic with a lot of cool people around. They also brought over Psycovsky for their last show, which gets ticks in the boxes from me.

Can y’all just tell me why you feel you have to impend “psy” within all artist and show names? And can you tell me why a genre that is touted to be “psychedelic” is so narrow in spectrum and production range?

Anyway, more about the event.

The headliner is Madianbrain, who does do some admittedly brain-bending sets of psychedelic trance. The ever-present king of Melbourne psytrance and former boss of rant-heavy forum Oztrance (RIP) – Ozzy – will be down to play some beats, as well as DJs Tarik, Glacial, The Chojin, Crimemaster GOGO, Tarun, Ampoule, Ayanami, Dr Quinn and CyKe.

To top it off, if it’s your proven birthday weekend, you’re getting in for free. That’s pretty classy of the promoters, thumbs up.

Starts 10pm. MyAeon, 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick. $10/15.

Click Here for Facebook Event Page

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Friday 23 May – Bitcat @ Loop


The expansive series Bitcat is on for another round at Loop this Friday.

Why should you attend?

1. Bitcat presents an original and diverse formula of DJs playing dance and urban music ranging from hip-hop to future beats to live electronic performance to juke.

2. A great line-up with Reykjavictim’s electronically enhanced live acoustic performance, 2Fuddha’s popular and energetic DJ sets, Vacant Lake’s woozy and textured soundscapes, Tigermoth’s hard-soft combination of smart and roots-driven classical boom-bap, Ruffles delivering sophisticated trip-hop influenced downtempo beats, and DIV’s quirky combination of connoisseur’s IDM, breaks and experimental riffs.

3. All performers produce their own beats too.

4. Wicked visuals by VJ duo Zeal.

5. The event is free as all events at Loop are.

6. Fuck it, why not go out with some friends to something different?

Starts 10pm. Loop, 23 Meyer Place, Melbourne CBD. Free!

Click Here for Facebook Event Page

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Friday 23 May – DJs Kayhat + Andre Le Vogue @ Fitzroy Beer Gardens


(Warning To Reader: Yes, this is a blatant self-promotion and doesn’t pretend at being anything else. But hey, am I not a part of this scene too?!)

Hello all.

I’ll be playing with my friend Andre Le Vogue of Scarlett Vogue Productions coming up towards the end of May and want to get you guys down to check out this venue.

Le Vogue and his partner Scarlett Minx have been holding up things on the techno and deep house front in Melbourne for a very long time, and are an understated yet (in my mind) integral part of the Melbourne electronic music community.

They deserve props for what they do, and it’s my pleasure to be playing alongside Andre at his very excellent night for my second time as a DJ. His Friday and Saturday residencies never lack for good guests, and I consider it a nod to be amongst those who play here.

The Fitzroy Beer Garden is up on the corner of Smith and Gertrude streets in Fitzroy and is a lovely low-key way to spend a Friday/Saturday night. There’s an open air area out the back where the DJs are and they have another bar. You can smoke out there, order your food, and get a place to sit with your friends at a picnic bench.

I hope some of you guys (esp friends, I’m looking at you, Northside Lowkey click) can come down and hang out, maybe have a bit of a shuffle, get tipsy, eat some nice food, catch up with other friends, get home without terribly injuring yourself, etc. 


8pm-1am. The Fitzroy Beer Gardens, 243-245 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. Free!

Click here for Facebook event page


Written by Kristian Hatton.

Friday 9 May – Thriftworks + Hypnotech + Angus Green


Whomp Music – in collaboration with Orphen Audio – present another glitch-hop styled show at Brown Alley this Friday.

This time they are presenting Thriftworks, a Californian with a knack for producing tracks not overwrought with glitchy whomps and overly-sugary VSTs. His beats are a combination of compelling wonky hip-hop rhythms offset by West Coast-styled synth melodies with hauntingly beautiful and arpeggiated composition.

To add on to this main event player, Hypnotech of fame will be down to drop a set from what should be a massive crate of tricks, as Addictech is one of the world’s best sources for underground glitch-hop cuts.

To round out the international line-up, we have our own Angus Green representing Melbourne. This young and formidable producer has previously been making waves internationally with previous short releases on Adapted and Hopskotch Records.

Green will be releasing his first full-length album – Love Is Never Enough – which breaks the mould of the stagnant glitch-hop genre and ventures into more soulful territory. He’ll be performing this new album live (electronically) with some other goodies chucked in too. Expect him to impress just as much as the other two headliners.

Other acts appearing are Tar-Nay, Stinkwood and Altruism, who’ll also be playing their own tracks for your pleasure. You can purchase tickets beforehand for $27.50.


Starts 10pm. Brown Alley, 585 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. $27.50.


Written by Kristian Hatton.

Friday 15 March – Triple Threat: Haarp Media’s Third Birthday!


I never really saw this thing going for this long. I don’t think it’s really gone that far, but I guess it’s gotten a bit of a rep around Melbourne. It’d be nice to think we have gotten a bit of a rep as a media outlet that does things with integrity, honesty and from a place of community and grass roots.

It’s our third birthday now, so we’re chucking a party. 2fuddha, Lady Banton and I (Kayhat) will be playing some beats at Horse Bazaar.

We’ve got a lot more to come in the next year, and things should see us finally getting this blog into a proper online magazine format (as I’ve been procrastinating about for more than a year), maybe some print, maybe some new writers we can rely on, maybe some great new parties with bigger names.

In another three years, we’ll still be doing exactly what we’ve always attempted to do, support local arts and culture, present an eclectic range of electronic and hip-hop music, put on some great small parties, and provide a good grade of music journalism without being lazy or resorting to cheap tactics to get your attention.

Thank you to all our readers and supporters, I love you all and it’s an honour to be a part of it all. Come celebrate with us this Saturday and let the good times roll.

8pm-1am. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Entry by Donation (suggested $5).

FB Page:

Note: please support us by donating at this event, any extra money we get will go towards paying our website guy to get things up and running in an awesome new format to support the beats community with.

Need more reasons why? Here, take a look at our output and list of support given…


Ghostsoul, Lewis Smart (Asylum Seeker), Morganics, Abe Ape, Mote, Lilly Pilly Photography, Aoi, DJ CTOAFN, Aneurythm, Lysdexic, Sam I Am, Srialdabaoth, Bevin Campbell, Kymaera, Juxtpose, Chiara Kickdrum, Sailax, Stryka D, Titus 12, DJ Lame, Dubfonik, Wednesday Experiment, DJ Lickweed, Syncretia, Decksi, Rory McPike, Baddums.


Haltya, Pole, Netsky, Filastine, Kode9, Max Cooper, Unsub


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Written by Kristian Hatton.

Friday 14 March – The Resurrection feat. Coki


One half of Digital Mystikz (DMZ) – Coki – is set to hit Brown Alley on Friday.

For those of you who don’t know, DMZ were part of the group of pioneers who founded the original dubstep movement, and participated regularly in the ground-breaking FWD» nights with such other artists as Kode9, Skream and Benga. Coki, Mala (the other half of DMZ), and most of these artists have gone on to receive worldwide acclaim as the fathers of dubstep.

This show has strong local support from Melbourne’s DJs banding together under Stepz – Sound Evolution, as many undisclosed obstacles came up to threaten the event. It’s a tribute to the fortitude and resiliance that this show is going ahead, as financial backing and sheer distance often presents itself as an immovable object in the way of promoters who do it for the love.

True grass-roots activation has happened to bring this special one to you, and is supported by hands-on DJs Able8, Baddums, Tommy Flowers, Richard Colvaen, SK x Titus 12, Jordan, Bevin Campbell, Dub Koala, Nemesis and Noceur.

There will be no tickets for this event, and all entry is strictly via door, so get in early to avoid queues and/or missing out altogether for this niche international legend. This will be vintage dubstep at its finest.

Starts 10pm. Brown Alley, 585 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. $25.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Friday 7 March – Oscillate presents Synchronise


Here’s another night by some of Melbourne’s staunchest and most regular drum and bass DJs, through the very excellent Funktion One system at the grimey little all-nighter on the north end of Brnswick, My Aeon.

Well worth a dance, especially if you love drum and bass, locals, live up north, and want to dance nearly all night.

Starts 10pm. My Aeon, 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick. $5/10.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Friday 7 March – Universe presents Collective Consciousness


The information on this event was sketchy at best, but seemed to be a collaboration between crews.

I recognised Bunker and Mokumo as being crews doing largely house-style events, and I assume Paradise is the same Paradise as last year’s hipster indie rock and niche electronica outdoor festival.

Upon further inspection of other links for the event, I found that the following crews and corresponding DJs are playing…

Pleasure Planet (PWD)
Paradise Music (DJ Paradise)
Bunker (Adrian Bell)
Mokumo (Disrute)
Universe (Glass Mirrors & Viscose)

Their own promo – for your information – is as follows…

The first in our series, a showcase for the local sound of the underground.
This is the future of dance music. 
These are the dudes doing cool shit, keeping it 2 legit 2 quit and staying true to the collective aesthetic
Multiple minds with a single vision, a utopia networked amongst the smoke.
Thought speak from the system of dance, you will ripple in their liquid high.
Support your blood and show yourself.

Wow, deep.

In other tangible information,I was able to decipher the following drink specials…

$3 pots of beer and cider
$10/x2 Jager bombs
$5 Aurora Bombora

$5 shots

10pm-5am. Liberty Social Club, Universe, 279 Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD. $5/10.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.