Saturday 11 April – La Vida Doesa Video Launch @ Horse Bazaar

Rapper and vocalist Muma Doesa is releasing the clip for her track ‘La Vida Doesa’ – produced by Anthony ‘Stay Nice’ Martino (formerly of hip-hop outfit Allganiks), and this track will feature on upcoming album Ms Fortune.

Scheduled for release on Sunday 12 April, you will be granted a sneak peek of this video, which was filmed in New York and features Bronx-based graffiti artist Fever aka Lady-K Fever. After released, you will be able to view the clip ***HERE***

The launch will be held at Horse Bazaar and will of course feature a live performance by Muma Doesa and will be supported by Sensi, Bahdoesa, Bumaye and Cuznmatt.  Dress code is old-school hip-hop.


Genre: Hip-hop, rnb, funk

Time: 9pm-late

Place: Horse Bazaar,  397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD

Cost: $10 at the door

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Saturday 15 February – Taka and Fumi’s Karaoke Party feat. South Rakkas Crew, Morganics and Monkey Marc @ Horse Bazaar


Somehow, U-Wish and I have been stooged into doing Karaoke and are set to embarrass ourselves horrifically this Saturday.

Ordinarily, we might leave this one for other superstars, except this is to celebrate our friends and Horse Bazaar directors Taka and Fumi’s combined birthday and wedding anniversary. They will be celebrating two years of happy marriage to date.

Join a host of other Melbourne local singers, MCs, DJs and friends including Elf Tranzporter, Heptune, Quashani, Muma Doesa and Mzrizk (amongst others), as we set sail for many shared laughs and good times in this public celebration of love, birth and partnership.

Hold up, wait, there’s more.

Not only will Australian hip-hop elements star Morganics be rocking some tasty rare global beats and treats (and hosting the Karaoke), but also Combat Wombat and dancehall label Jahtari‘s Monkey Marc will be stepping up some beats.

Oh and by the way, Mad Decent’s South Rakkas Crew will be doing a DJ set. For free. Holy shitballs. Nuff said, let’s tune our vocal cords and get that lyrical blade trained, and also get ready to dance a good one.

8pm-1am. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

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Written by Kristian Hatton.

February’s Haapy Mondays @ Horse Bazaar – Coming Guests!


Just in case you don’t know, Haapy Mondays are a weekly non-profit for-the-community event established by Haarp Media last year, in a bid to nurture up-and-coming producers and DJs in Melbourne. We don’t ask for any money for performance, just food and drink, that way it’s a simple exchange of entertainment for hospitality on a slow night of the week which can keep on going without threat of financial downturn.

James “U-Wish” Harris and I (Kayhat) perform as residents every week with a special guest, who is usually a friend or an associate who comes to our events, or someone who approaches us who wishes to express themselves via electronic or hip-hop music performance. We pride outselves on our friendly and relaxed Monday culture of regular patrons, $6 pints, wines and basics, and awesome Japanese cuisine as cooked by soul mama chef and Horse Bazaar co-director (along with husband Fumi),Takako Enomoto.

We invite you to come along to our sessions, and here’s what’s forthcoming for February. Shortest month of the year, still chockas for quality local entertainment and good times.

Episode #14 – Lowkey Lockdown – 10 February

Sebastian Elkner aka Warpa!nt and Sarah Buckley-Jones aka Shuttersound are two northside artists and friends I met during Seb’s Lowkey – Midweek Beats sessions (now finished) – previously held at The Thornbury Local on High Street.

Lowkey was one of the first places to invite me as a DJ to play, and was my first true home in Melbourne as some form of residency.

I got to see both of my new friends evolve at this event as artists too. Both of them came from heavy UK dubstep influence, and both have elevated their own personal brand of beats from this influence.

Warpa!nt released an EP on Hopskotch Records, which combined his love for hip-hop, techno and garage stylings, whilst Shuttersound developed more progressive and house stylings from her work with non-profit humanitarian crew Beat Buffet and a trip to Europe she made in recent times.

Come and hear why I rate my friends not just as friends, but also two of Melbourne’s elite DJs and producers.

Episode #15 – Tiger Style – 17 February

L-Burn Illuminati member Tigermoth is also a mean DJ as DJ Tengu. Tigermoth’s reputation precedes itself from a jazz-infused, back-to-basics approach to hip-hop production and DJing.

Also playing with us to compliment this night’s hip-hop theme is ex-Sydney scratcher Rav, whose affiliation with other Sydney hip-hop element purveyors speaks for itself with Rav’s seemless scratching. His hands do the talking.

Come down and get a piece of hip-hop at its finest, and James and I will be sure to get in on the act of back-to-basics tracks and mixing approaches.

Episode #16 – Elph Debut – 24 February

Peter O’Leary from the Wednesday Experiment has found some new talent in songstress Elissa. Peter’s trip-hop-style of production is inspired by such artists as Lamb, Portishead and Massive Attack.

We’re all very interested as see what kind of Monday experiment Elissa and Peter have lined up, as his last project was received well by Victorian audiences. We expect that this one will be on a similar tip, except influenced and molded into something new by Elissa. They will be playing an hour and a half from 7:30-9pm, make sure you get in early to get some space to sit.

6-10pm. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

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Written by Kristian Hatton.

Monkey Marc’s DIY Sound System to be used at Horse Bazaar this Friday


Hot off the presses, kids, confirmation has been given that we will be using Monkey Marc’s super awesome happy DIY sound system!

This fantastic system boasts a unique and full sound, and is carefully hand-crafted with love to bring magic to your ears! It’s also run on natural juice from the sun, i.e. solar power.

Monkey Marc and the Combat Wombats have used this system whilst trekking over the country through deserts protesting on human rights and environmental issues, so you can feel the revolution in the basstones.

Something like this is bound to make the Friday night line-up of Aoi, Ghostsoul, Titus12, Kayhat and U-Wish sound even more spectacular.

The Neigh-bours events are a collaboration between Uncomfortable Beats, L-Burn Illuminati and Haarp Media, three of Melbourne’s finest smaller beats crews. The DIY system is now a regular institute at the Neigh-bours events.

The Neigh-bours team will operate on a pay-as-you-please basis, and all donations of five-plus dollars will also recieve a chance to win a double pass to REDSQ at the Royal Melbourne Hotel on Friday 28 February, featuring Berlin techno artist Redshape.

8pm-1am. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Pay-as-you-please!

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Friday 24 January – Neigh-bours feat. Aoi @ Horse Bazaar


Our next installment of Neigh-bours is a real treat and insight into the insane store of talent fostered locally in our fair city, Melbourne. Neigh-bours is a communal friendship of local beats crews Uncomfortable Beats, L-Burn Ill – and of course – Haarp Media. We also accredit Horse Bazaar as our home for this event, as we see this place as being a place for locals – especially those within hip-hop and bass-oriented music – to network and support each other.

Headliner and L-Burn Ill affiliate Aoi is possibly Melbourne’s most unique and talented producer of instrumental hip-hop beats. Starting from punk origins playing in bands in Cairns, Aoi was drawn to original hip-hop luminaries like Public Enemy and Kool G Rap because of their raw sampling and drum patterns.

He has attempted to emulate this production by utilising a “caveman” approach in digging for old cuts of jazz drum-breaks, and combining this with a dank basement vibe. This is then interpolated with cuts of sci-fi, anime and other rare oddities within his massive record collection.

Aoi’s live performance involves little in the way of digital usage, and has him drumming his arsenal of drum-breaks and other samples in true contemporary hip-hop instrumental fashion through his array of controllers.

Supporting Aoi are trip-hop revolutionary producer Ghostsoul, UK bass music creator Titus12, and Haapy Mondays duo Kayhat and U-Wish.

Make sure you make it down, because Horse Bazaar has been popping big time lately, as exhibited here at the 397 Massive party last Saturday…


8pm-1am. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Entry by donation!

FB Page:


Also Neigh-bours isn’t Neigh-bours without our fantastic and free prize draw. Last time we gave away two tickets to Let Them Eat Cake. This time we will be drawing a double pass to REDSQ (on Friday 28 February), featuring Redshape. All you have to do is show up, donate to our event, and hopefully win!

For more on the RESQ event, read here.

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Saturday 21 December – Mad Bass Ting @ Horse Bazaar

This Saturday, Melbourne reggae and hip-hop producer Mista Savona presents Mad Bass Ting at Horse Bazaar, a tightly-run ship of reggae roots, dancehall and hip-hop sensibilities boosted through Monkey Marc’s DIY system, which modestly boasts some of our city’s finest sound without being too overbearing.

The line-up is sensational for its niche, and includes Monkey Marc, Mista Savona, JPS and Bass Bin Laden. With a line-up like this, Horse Bazaar is sure to get packed out, so make sure you get in early.

8pm-1am. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

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Written by Kristian Hatton.

Saturday 7 December – Citrus Jam + Entropy @ Horse Bazaar


Normally we’re not in the habit of mentioning bands, but one of our favourite bar guys at Horse Bazaar – Kieran Moran – is playing with his progressive roots metal band Entropy, along with Citrus Jam.

8-11pm. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

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Written by Kristian Hatton.

Sunday 1 December – The Silastic Birthday of Boomstix!


Let me get this straight, we’re not about clickiness. We’re inclusive of everyone. Haarp Media was created to report on our subjective view of the Melbourne beats scene. Sometimes this means talking about other people who aren’t DJs, but participants or others who keep things moving for us.

Our buddy Silo keeps us safe at Horse Bazaar. Melbourne’s #1 security guard and all-round good guy is also having a kickass birthday, and us Melbourne beats guys are showing love where it’s due.

Come down around 4pm and we’ll be having a lock-in at Horse Bazaar, with the doors shutting and the tunes cranking (on Monkey Marc’s system). Beat playas in it for the love include 2fuddha, Dysphemic, Able8, Ghostsoul, Gingus, U-Wish, Kayhat, Daily and Ravs.

Happy birthday from all your friends, big fella! It’s good to have as part of our little community!

4pm-12am. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

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Written by Kristian Hatton.

Saturday 23 November – Haarp Media, Uncomfortable Beats & L-Burn Illuminati present Neigh-Bours


Yes, it’s that time again where we join up with our good friends to bring you our very own production! This time around, we form like Voltron with our buddy crews Uncomfortable Beats and L-Burn Illuminati to bring you this one at our home bar Horse Bazaar.

Some of you might be wondering why we chose these crews and this place to work with. It definately was a gourmet selection for us.

We believe that Uncomfortable Beats are one of Melbourne’s leading crews in innovating in both local and other fresh sounds from around Australia such as Ribongia, Aneurythm and Akouo, in a way that is quintessentially Melbourne, functioning as both label and party maker.

To us, L-Burn Illuminati are Australia’s most original hip-hop group, and do something rare in hip-hop by breaking away from the status quo. They let their personalities shine and (to us) are the equivalent to an Aussie fun-time backyard Wu-Tang Clan. They too are quinessentially Melbourne. All of their music is free at Bandcamp.

Horse Bazaar is our choice for a venue because they’ve always been on the local pulse and exemplify (to us) what being a beats-based community is all about. We love the staff, food, cheap Monday drinks and good times to be had there, and they too are quintessentially Melbourne.

We at Haarp Media also like to think that we’re quintessentially Melbourne ourselves as a blog and also as a DJ click too in our support for the various factions of musical communities all across Melbourne.

And so all of us present this proudly to you as a little bit of our heart and soul. Now presenting our playas…

Merc Swazey (L-Burn Illuminati – NZ)

Latest L-Burn Illuminati member Merc Swazey combines complex rhyming sensibilities with a sense of fun in satirising #yoloswag and trap music. This is one of his first public performances in Melbourne.

Mr DNA (L-Burn Illuminati)

DNA’s smoked-out and dirty lyrical flow has steadily been improving since instigating the L-Burn Illuminati crew, and is this is heard in his latest collaboration with grimey analog boom-bap king DOS4GW on free EP Molecules.

DJ Kid Language Barrier (L-Burn Illuminati)

L-Burn trill member KLB is one of the few brave individuals who specialise in footwork/juke beats, and will also be acting DJ for Swazey and DNA.

Able 8 x Ghostsoul (Uncomfortable Beats – Live)

Able8 and Ghostsoul are singularly unique and original producers, and both share no-nonsense hip-hop instrumental styles to highlight their individual flavours. They combine their elements for this rare and live performance.

Shikung (Uncomfortable Beats)

Shikung is a DJ name synonymous with Melbourne city bass beats, having over a decade’s experience in DJing in virtually every poppin’ spot across our fair city, and leads the way in eclectic DJing of various bass music and hip-hop styles. He will shortly be celebrating ten years of DJing at iconic Brunswick Street bar – the Black Cat.

Warpa!nt (Hopskotch Records/Haapy Mondays – Live)

Warpa!nt’s production is set on the rock of garage, dubstep and hip-hop foundations, and succeeds in creating a sound that is familiar yet original in its depth and atmosphere. He released his first EP Burn City Steppa Vol.1 earlier this year on Hopskotch Records and plays as regular guest at Haarp Mondays.

U-Wish x Kayhat (Cymatic Society/Haapy Mondays)

U-Wish and Kayhat reside every Monday night at Horse Bazaar for a B2B three hour set. U-Wish’s hip-hop, glitch and dubstep/dancehall foundations blends perfectly with Kayhat’s psychedelically dark dubstep, IDM and juke track selection. U-Wish produces his own hip-hop beats and Kayhat’s popular ‘WTF is Glitch-Hop’ mix has had over 250 plays.



We are giving away two single passes to Let Them Eat Cake, Melbourne’s biggest niche electronic music festival, worth $150 each. We aren’t going to tell you what time we’re giving them away, so you’d best be there for the event in its entirety to avoid missing out. Every donating attendee will have their name put in the draw once.


Monkey Marc’s DIY sound system will turn out our sound perfectly, and we encourage you to donate to help fund the cost of running the system.

That’s about it. Come along, have fun, and also note that all attendees will be put on the guestlist for Hopskotch Records’ Unsub event at Roxanne’s (functioning for us as an after-party), meaning you can go to that party for only $10.

8pm-1am. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. By Donation!

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Written by Kristian Hatton.

Tuesday 19 November – Bazaar Tales: Live Storytelling


This little event takes place next Tuesday. It’s part of a series of oratory stories presented by a handful of writers/storytellers on the first and third Tuesdays every month at Horse Bazaar.

For full information on what the Cock and Bull storytelling events are about, click here.

This one is on the theme of Misunderstandings, and the Haarp Media editor Kristian Hatton (myself) will be talking on being frequently misunderstood in the electronic music and writing industry to sometimes hilarious, sometimes hilarious, but always entertaining consequences.

Other storytellers are Phil Andrews, Nadine Clarke, Peter Jones, Victoria Healy, Alanta Colley, Kate Dehnert, Remy Coll, James McCann, Glenn Stephens and Zaid Andrew Alasfar. The night is presented by Jonathan Schuster.

Starts 8pm. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street. Free!

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Written by Kristian Hatton.

Thursday 14 November – Phillipines Fundraiser @ Horse Bazaar


Natural disasters are fascinating in that for all the devastation they cause, they instill a sense of open-handed humanity and make people open their hearts to help others.

Our community has been very quick in creating a fundraiser event in aid of victims in Phillipines disaster. This will take place this Thursday at Haarp Media home venue Horse Bazaar. All proceeds will go to Gawad Kalinga, who will send relief goods to those who need it.

There will be raffle prices, freestyle rap battles, and also some awesome tunes from DJ Kuya, Silent Jay, Sietta (live acoustic set), Jezroc, Melo, Nica, Demi Sorono, MC Yung Philly, Jigsaw Sneakers and the Fresh Sox Crew. Entry is $10 (with a free schooner of Kirin), but try to give more if you can. This show is the most important one this week, please try your best to make it.

One might wish humans would show this kindness all the time, rather than just when a disaster happens.

7pm-12am. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. $10.

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Written by Kristian Hatton.

1st and 3rd Tuesdays – Bazaar Tales Storytelling @ Horse Bazaar


The Cock and Bull is a storytelling event that runs across two venues, Horse Bazaar and Grumpy’s Green. The events strive to gather the best storytellers for a night of tales across one theme.

A “cock and bull” tale is a 17th century English pub custom of telling outrageous stories that dodge the truth in favour of a good yarn. With this event, all people telling stories try their best to tell true tales. The stories are different from comedy stand-up routines with yarn-spinners attempting to tell not only funny tales, but also very touching and serious moments.

Perhaps with slight embellishments? Judge for yourself tomorrow night at Horse Bazaar, where the event takes place every first and third Tuesday. The event takes place at Grumpy’s Green (on Smith Street in Collingwood) on the last Thursday every month.

This Tuesday’s storytelling event is hosted by James Rosier, and the theme for all told stories is “Lucky”

Featured orators: Victoria Healy, David Boyle, Dan Juola, Danny Stinson, Natalie Harris, Thomas McMahon, Ricky Chaplin and Remy Coll. Each story goes for around five minutes.

I myself will be telling a tale here on Tuesday 19 November at Horse Bazaar on the subject word of MIsunderstandings, and will remind you all of this coming closer to the date.

Starts 8pm. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

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More Info and Podcasts:

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Saturday 26 October – Monkey Marc + DIY Hi-Fi @ Horse Bazaar


Tonight Monkey Marc has come back to Melbourne after touring America and Europe for an exclusive show at Horse Bazaar. Not only that, he has also brought along his infamous solar-powered beast, the DIY Hi-Fi sound system.

Monkey Marc’s brand of dubstep-influenced hip-hop and reggae sound has been recognised worldwide, and his tracks and EPs have appeared on such international labels as Jahtari. He is also a part of the pro-green and socially active rap group Combat Wombat, who feature Elf Tranzporter, Izzy Brown and DJ Wasabi as members.

He runs a solar-powered studio in a shipping container, where he dubs tracks and is also known for helping refugees and indigenous communities record their own tracks.

Playing along with him are MC Elf Tranzporter and DJ Horse Radish. We highly recommend this show as our event of the week, and it’s also for free.

Starts 8pm. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street. Free!

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Written by Kristian Hatton.

Thursday 17 October – Hip-Hop Stand-Up @ Horse Bazaar


Here’s something new and exciting happening. The creative entities at Horse Bazaar have just come through with another promotional innovation.

Hip-hop MCs – in the broad sense – are known for having sharp tongues and cracking japes at the drop of a hat, usually with deadly acidity, humour and occasionally a profound philosophical insight or two.

Cross this with the culture of stand-up comedy‘s short jokes, one liners and humourous stories with MCing, and you have a comedy for spontaneity, hilarity and potential trouble.

Five renowned wits residing for this event hosted by Aaron Stephanus are Marlon Porter (known as Elf Tranzporter), Mzrizk (yes, the DJ), Muma Doesa, Jack Hewitt and Janaka Slatter. They’ll be performing in rapid five minute slots, and there’ll be surprise guest slots by who knows else?

Also there’ll be tunes played before from 8-10pm by DJs Heptune and Mzrizk.

Starts 8pm. 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

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Written by Kristian Hatton.

A Haarp Media Event – Haapy Mondays @ Horse Bazaar


We have formed a residency with the good people of Horse Bazaar in Melbourne’s CBD. DJs U-Wish (aka James Harris) and Kayhat (aka Kristian Hatton) play to each others style in a complimentary and eclectic fashion B2B over four hours with one friend appearing every week.

Our friends appearing are (and not limited to) Tom Mac, China Sky, Shuttersound, Jordan and Warpa!nt. There may be improvisations, special guests and surprises in store too…

The outcomes we wish to have from this residency are as follows…

  1. A Communal Monday: We wish to have a space where people involved in the electronic and hip-hop culture of Melbourne can congregate and share resources and ideas. Feel free to approach any of our DJs with your ideas and pitches, we all have open ears.
  2. Cheap Food and Drinks: We have $15 porterhouse steak with a choice of sauces and a complimentary drink, and $6 pints, wines and basic spirits all night long. We are on par with any other Monday deals and boast more quality than most, courtesy of host Takako Enomoto and her down-to-earth Horse Bazaar team.
  3. Above Average Music and Talent: We use this event as our voice and business card to broadcast our talent to other promoters in Melbourne. All DJs play on theme to a different genre every week to celebrate our cultural diversity and promote an extended range of tunes that never grow old.

Like Haarp Media, this event is a voluntary production unless we get more people to attend our event, and give Horse Bazaar more than overhead costs.

So please come along and bring your friends, you honestly can’t lose with the student-friendly price we offer for food and drink, and also the humble and inviting DJs, staff, patrons, atmosphere and tunes on display.

6-10pm. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

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Written by Kristian Hatton.

Saturday 5 October – Red and White Theme Party @ Horse Bazaar

A quick mention about this gathering at Horse Bazaar on Saturday night. There’ll be a red and white dress code, and there’ll be fly music styles from all over the world played by a Kenyan team of DJs.

Music styles included: rnb, hip-hop, dancehall, afrobeats, reggae, and Indian music in the styles of Shruti, Swara, Alankar, Rāga, and Tāla.

7pm-3am. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

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Written by Kristian Hatton.

Friday 27 September – PHUNK! @ Music Bazaar


PHUNK continue their Friday night monthly residency at Horse Bazaar.

This hip-hop, funk and reggae flavoured event is brought to you by sound system crew Rogue Magnetic Sound (half of which will be smoked through the intimate confines of Horse Bazaar), and hosted by Heptune, who resides as DJ with Rolex Bifta.

Their guests this week are DJ Sensi, Pauly Fatlace (of New Dub City fame) and also last minute announcement, trap killahs SK B2B Titus12!

To top things off on the visual tip, we have King G in to rep his VJ trade.

Starts 8pm. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

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Written by Kristian Hatton.

Wednesday 25 September – Bringing it back to the Elements (Hosted by Morganics)


Morganics brings his vision of hip-hop from Sydney to Melbourne, in our own cultural context of small venues and working in grass roots communal culture.

Bringing it Back to the Elements sees topics being selected by the crowd, and then these topics are taken and interpreted in traditional MCIng, as important social commentary or as hilarious comedic wordplay.

Also focus will be placed on DJing, beatboxing, breaking and even graphing through use of live digital mediums.

These events take place fortnightly on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at Horse Bazaar. This Wednesday features Krisdafari (formely of Northern NSW) and Lotek, as well as a bevvy of b-boys/girls and poppers in an inclusive and friendly environment.

When asked who can be down this event, Morganics replied that “anyone can be down, we’re just down with humanity and that’s it.”

Full-length Interview w/ Morganics:

7pm-close, Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

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Written by Kristian Hatton

Thursday 19 September – Hip-Hop Thursday: Remi @ Horse Bazaar


Horse Bazaar’s directors – wife and husband Taka and Fumi – hold their own Thursday hip-hop event, which is free to the public and provides much-needed expression and voice to the body of talent ever-present in our city. There are regular poppers, lockers and b-boys/girls breaking it down on the floor, and last week featured guests mfp and Ogiyy of Beats Home.

This Thursday features special guests Remi, who are featured on Triple J unearthed and work within such groups as The Operatives and RaRaKIN.  22-year-old Melbourne lyricist Remi ‘REMi’ Kolawole exudes a unique style, rhythmic flow and an honest delivery, and is influenced by such luminaries as Black Thought, Kanye West, Drake and Slum Village. He has only been rapping for one and a half years.

Also featured are DJ Mzizk, One Sixth and Lamaroc Boogalama Luv’n Lamaloo, who will put it down for the breaks crews. Expect an inclusive and friendly night that gets it back to the elements.

Starts 8pm. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

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Written by Kristian Hatton.

Sunday 15 September – Haarp Media presents Submersive:Subversive feat Inkstain Pro, Steve Law + more


Pre-drinks, networking, chilling, A dinner, and then a dance party on a Sunday at Horse Bazaar.


Hair of the Dog network hour with chill vibes.
A chance to check out our zine, and talk with the very cool, creative and casual mix of genius we inevitably attract to gatherings like ours. Haarp Media editor Kayhat will show you what tunes we’ve been digging lately.

An exclusive buffet-style dinner for 25 participants. The menu and price will shortly be announced, but you can expect the dumplings and bites to keep flowing. Syncretia and Memphis poet laureate IQ will perform their electronic jazz and vocals, before Steve Law defines electronic ambiance with his live modular analog set.

Inkstain Pro and friends will be keeping the party hot with live hip-hop, scratching DJs with the latest in fresh spring beats to getcha tail poppin’ like it’s NYE. Other DJs include Sensi and Jonny Faith, professionals in contemporary beats and scratch flow dominance.

Musicians Featured…

STEVE LAW (live analog soundscape)

SYNCRETIA (feat. jazz poet IQ)

INKSTAIN PRO (+ friends)

JONNY FAITH (recently launched The Europa EP)

SENSI (DJ of Allganiks and Sensi Warriors)

KAYHAT (editor of Haarp Media)


<rant>Haarp Media is now into its third year of inception as a concept that embraces Melbourne electronic and roots people as a community of artists outside of commerce.

These first two years have seen Haarp Media grow as a irregularly-posted blog into a functional weekly events site, featuring a wide variety of crews and sounds around Melbourne, both big and small.

Our music and event reviews have been seen at such institutes as Cyclic Defrost, and now we are coming to our own, with our articles existing in a solid format for a multimedia audience taking inspiration from global media practitioners like Pitchfork and XLR8R.

We are also looking at launching a small run of print to commemorate our efforts thus far. We encourage you to support us by donating at the event.

Thanks to all who have shown love so far, and we’re always happy to speak with musicians and artists about their ideas, especially if they can be of assistance to our voluntary community project.



Buffet japanese-style, all-you-can-eat tapas dinner – bookings requested and limited: $25

Tickets: DONATION! (5-10 after dinner, not nessecery but preferable)

5-11pm. Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.