Hijak Special Bios #5 – Ghostsoul

Rob Healey aka Ghostsoul is a producer’s producer.

You probably wouldn’t have seen him for a while because of the work he does in live sound engineering and also currently video game soundtrack development.

He’ll be coming back exclusively for this episode of Hijak for a rare showcase of his brand new sounds.  Noted for his live performances, Ghostsoul has released three extremely realised and polished albums on Hopskotch Records and Uncomfortable Beats, and is also noted for his work doing what he does best – making sound sound good.

Healey’s dub and trip-hop sounds are influenced by the world around him and his love of science and space, in making recordings he likes to view as “artifacts in the middle of nowhere”, which rather than a nihilistic view is more one recognising the beauty of all that stuff in between the gaps.


Ghostsoul Bandcamp:  ghostsoul.bandcamp.com
Ghostsoul Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/ghostsoul
Ghostsoul Facebook:  facebook.com/ghostsoul




Anodyne Industries – Decoder (Hopskotch Records)


The Bay Area‘s futuristic drum and bass-producing Aaron King aka Anodyne Industries releases another EP with Australian glitch/IDM label Hopskotch Records, entitled Decoder.

Decoder has refined previous EP Counterconditioning‘s fast-slow autonomic pacing with a fuller, tighter overall sound in the album objectively that really defines Anodyne Industries more as a distinctive brand of sound.

This album is more melodic and less dark in content than the last outing, and this could detract some listeners who want to hear more nasty kind of stuff, which personally I was keen to hear more of too.

‘Canyon’ sounds very large and epic melodically, but herein lies the difficulty I have with this album on a personal level of my own expectations. AI’s subtlety and minimalism seems no longer present, and it doesn’t sound as seething as such older tracks as ‘Until Daybreak’.

‘Megastructure’ is a multi-faceted monolith that presents (with the right kind of imagination) a three-dimensional and spacious construction of intricate drum patterns. Its soaring and interlaced mid-range bass frequencies compliment an ever-present humming background sub-bass tone.

‘Angel March’ presents a luscious atmospheric tone with the same attention to detail and immaculate production, but the album still isn’t capturing me until the next track.

‘Deep Dive’ is the stand-out track of the album for me, with revival of the insidious and dark machinations that first attracted me to AI, brutally and psychedelically mutating between forms. A must for “real” drum and bass fans. ‘Pit’ has the hollow mid-range bass that I really loved in Counterconditioning, along with skittering, slippery percussion vastly improved since AI’s last go.

This is a subjective review and I have to lay it down (with no disrespect intended to label or artist). I simply don’t like this album. Decoder doesn’t engage or excite me personally, because it’s so spotless and mechanical that it detracts from a certain level of humanity that I prefer in my beats.

This album is ushering a new era for drum and bass along with other artists like Dusty Fungus and Safire, but although it excites me as to possibilities of production, Decoder is not for me.

In the end, Decoder sounds what I imagine drum and bass would sound like if it were psytrance in its approach to atmospherics and utilisation of eastern “world” sounds, so outdoor festival music-lovers will love this newer branch of sound.  I will give it an average mark out of respect for its niche, its insanely intricate production, and for the last two tracks.

6.25 out of 10 Haarp Strings.

‘Decoder’ is available at the Hopskotch Records Bandcamp site in a variety of formats for $7.


Written by Kristian Hatton.

Saturday 1 March – Hopskotch Records presents Anodyne Industries + Dabs + Dusty Fungus


Note: This event has already begun, so if you’re interested, you might want to start heading down there right now! Time is of the essence.

Australian glitch/idm/drum and bass label Hopskotch Records have been nursing and honing this event for quite some time now.

They have brought over Anodyne Industries, a leader in a new wave of drum and bass that focuses on futuristic and advanced mid-range and bass frequencies that are slippery and psychedelic to the ear.

Anodyne Industries comes from what is known as The Bay Area for music in San Francisco, an area that has previously bred such ground-breaking artists as The Glitch Mob and Eprom. They are fast becoming recognised as pioneers and leaders of their field since beginning production a relatively short time ago in 2009.

The rest of the line-up is well-crafted, and reflects more of this new wave of drum and bass to hit our shores.

Other representatives include a rare treat in Italy’s Dabs, Brisbane’s Dusty Fungus – fast becoming a force internationally for his sound, and Melbourne’s own Safire – whose work with Dispatch Recordings has led him to recognition by some of the world’s elite drum and bass fans.

Other locals on this line-up also are formidable and well-recognised within Melbourne’s electronic scene too. These artists are Schwarr (Adapted Records), Lickweed (Twisted Audio), Muska vs Maxi Basshead, Sludge Junkies, Big Fucking Robots, Smilk, Ripple, and Rute.

But you know what? This is on RIGHT NOW, so if you like what you hear here, you best shut down your computer and straight on over to Brunswick. Quick, run, RUN!

Ends 1:30am. Rubix Warehouse, 36 Phoenix Street, Brunswick. $30.

FB Page: facebook.com/events

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Hi-Five: Melbourne’s Producers/DJs and Their Current Favourite Track – Part 5

Selector #21 – Lysdexic


Lysdexic is one of Melbourne’s hardest working label managers, owning glitch-heavy Hopskotch Records, which has helped Australia discover some hot new and alternative electronic music talent, as well as helping enlighten listeners to the exciting and hidden possibilities within glitch and bass music.

Hopskotch Records has currently released a total of 38 releases, and show no sign of stopping soon. Lysdexic represents the Hopskotch sound as not only a DJ, but as a producer of dark and heavy cyberstep/dnb.

Track Selection: Anodyne Industries – Deep Dive (Hopskotch Records)

“Deep, atmospheric heavy halftime dnb. Definitive Anodyne Industries, my pick from the Decoder EP. (They will be) touring Australia in Feb/March 2014.”

Selector #22 – Gingus Khan


Gingus Khan ventured to Melbourne nearly a decade ago, and was drawn to how our city was pioneering bass music with crews like Heavy Innit. He has stayed on and is well-known around town as a hilarious and boisterous, non-stop party animal as a punter, and a menace to all turntables when playing dubstep, grime or UKG.

You can see him regularly playing out with crews like Onepuf and other sectors of Melbourne’s post-Heavy Innit scene in the CBD.

Track Selection: Amy Winehouse – Stronger (Moony 2013 UKG Remix)

“Moony’s making some proper nice tunes at the minute, how can you go wrong with a tune that makes me dance to Amy Winehouse, innit.”

Selector #23 – Aoi


Aoi is a member of L-Burn Illuminati, a group of MCs and producers more interested in making good music they like, rather than constantly marketing to a fickle modern audience. His back-to-basics approach to sampling, scratching and digging for records and drum breaks is reminiscent of the original approach to hip-hop production.

He has self-released multiple albums of instrumental hip-hop as Aoi, and also makes forays into drum and bass music as Kitburner, MCs as Slums Mackenzie, DJs techno as Sarah Quill, and produces juke as DJ Lamborghini Asshole. He will be shortly releasing seperate albums with American MCs and cult heroes Jak Tripper and The Man From Somewhere Else.

Track Selection: Peter Sellers – “Auntie Rotter” (1958 Parlophone)

“Parents are strange creatures. While speaking about life, music, comedy etc to Ma Dukes via the link frenzy conventions of the internet, she sprung this number on me. Apparently this was her first 7” single as a kid and made quite the impact. basically Peter Sellers intones the base sentiment of “Kill yr parents” with a jovial frivolity reserved for that early music class teacher you had when they passed out the triangles. Something we can all relate to, cut your loved ones up with a hatchet and get that paper. “here is your stabbing music.””

Selector #24 – Dubfonik


Dubfonik aka Joel Klease is another young producer who started traversing electronica through UK dubstep, and released many tracks on Sixbux, Hopskotch and Bassweight. The last couple of years has seen Klease expand his horizons and start to take preference to the techno sounds of Berlin.

With his current deep and youthful repertoire of sounds, there’s a lot to look forward to from this producer that should expand upon preset atmospheric tendencies.

Track Selection: Maya Jane Coles – Burning Bright (Dense & Pika Remix) (I/AM/ME)

“As I have been focusing on techno a lot more lately (and a new alias in the works), tracks like this are the ones that make a dancefloor crazy and take me back to Berghain in Berlin.”

Selector #25 – Gelido


Gelido is already a prolific and complex producer aged only 19 years of age, and is originally from Western Sydney. His production is unique and intricate, inspired by glitch, breakcore and other more experimental aspect of electronica.

He has a number of self-released albums at his Bandcamp (five), an ambient album on Communication Records (Sydney), a gabba ep on Bleemo Music, and a number of other single releases on his Soundcloud.

Track Selection: Badun – Ef10 (Rumprecordings)

‘“Badun is a group from Denmark that I stumbled upon about six months ago. They are an experimental, electronic jazz band that have a unique flavour of acidic jazz along with glitch that keeps my brain happy! Perfect for sleeping, drinking red wine (preferably something vintage) and the day after.”


Compiled by Kristian Hatton.

Hi-Five: Melbourne’s Producers/DJs and Their Current Favourite Track – Part 3

Selector #11 – Kurk Kokane


Kurk Kokane has embraced big-room party bass music like Noisia and Flux Pavilion in 2010, which opened up a whole new world for him. Since then, he has produced worked alongside so-said artists, as well as many other big names in the newer bass music game.

More recently, Kurt has embraced the trap genre within production and DJing, and has played up and down the east coast of Australia, continuing to develop and evolve into his branch of interest within electronica, and working with all the right people to get the job done.

Track Selection: Clams Casino – One Last Thing (White Label)

“Finally a producer with a new vision in hip-hop – know one is doing it like this guy , taking trill to a new level – original outstanding instrumentals that have now been recognised all over the world as an evolution in music.”

Selector #12 – Kayhat


Kayhat is your friendly neighbourhood music journalist and director/owner of Haarp Media, involved with the all-inclusive Neigh-bours super-click, organising small events such as Haapy Mondays, DJs at many smaller venues, and takes himself far too seriously in a narcissistic third-person voice.

He takes localism and community seriously too, and kids himself into thinking that perhaps one day people will embrace art, community and locality over consumption, illusion and big names.

Track Selection: Junior Boys – Like A Child (Carl Craig Remix)

“Good music never dies, and this has been my opener the couple of times I’ve brought out my wax. Carl Craig remixes this masterfully and progressively, never forcing anything. I wish 99% more of 4-4 artists would go back to the values of writing a fucking good composition that goes somewhere and gets you emotionally involved. Vox rock my socks!”

Selector #13 – Ghostsoul


Ghostsoul aka Rob Healey is part of Uncomfortable Beats, a local unit specialising in Australian niche beats. As a producer, Rob has a sound refreshing and unique, which has accumulated thus far in the release of recently released album Celestial Artifacts, a musical rumination of trip-hop, contemporary production sensibilities, sci-fi, space dust and alien transmissions.

Track Selection: Boards of Canada – Palace Posy (Warp Records)

“…a strange piece, the melodic style and strange use of vocals draw me to it.”

Selector #14 – James Annesley


James Annesley heads Melbourne’s #1 atmospheric electronic jazz improv group, Virtual Proximity. VP create a subliminal vibe with their array of technolgy, ranging from wind-driven MIDI devices to hand control-operated visual spectacular.

Last year, James and his fellows embarked on a successful project to overhaul a gigantic pipe organ and turn it into a gigantic MIDI-driven device.

Track Selection: Actress – Silver Cloud Dream Come True (Werkdiscs)

“…makes me feel like I’m travelling very slowly through space on a magic carpet made of LSD.”

Selector #15 – Angus Green


Angus Green has had a lot of success as an electronic artist in his young career. In 2010, Angus started producing on Ableton Live, and then moved to Melbourne, where he became influenced by the glitch-hop bass movement. Within a couple of months, he was picked up by Adapted Records, who helped him release a Beatport and Addictech chart-topping EP entitled Storm Warning.

Since then, Angus has released on many independent labels, and was also recently nominated by the UK Glitch-Hop Awards as “best up and coming artist”.

Track Selection: Wave Racer – Stoopid (Future Classic)

“It influences me because unlike a lot of music, it’s just fun (with) no bullshit.”

Compiled by Kristian Hatton.

Friday 10 January – Rubix Funhouse Fridays


Beats and bass-focused venue Rubix Warehouse have adjusted their Friday formula, in order to present brand-new weekly night Funhouse Fridays. Rubix Warehouse is well known for nurturing and fostering home-grown talent, their holistic hip-hop-elements-focused approach, and their love for that old dirty north side of Melbourne town.

Funhouse Fridays is a free presentation that will showcase a new local crew every week for your listening pleasure, as well as featuring resident DJs SK, TItus12 and Snareophobe.

This Friday will see Hopskotch Records presenting DJs TD Shagga (who ran annual outdoor party Somatica for a number of years), Lickweed and Dyslexic CM, Sludge Junkies, Shifteq, Warpa!nt, Baddums and Baron Von Rotton.

In the way of drink specials, there’ll be $5 Carlton Draughts from 5pm – 8pm, and $2.50 pots from 7-8pm.

Make sure you stay tuned to these events, there could be an awesome blog/click we know of hosting a night there soon…

3pm-2am. Rubix Warehouse, 36 Phoenix Street, Brunswick. Free!

FB Page: facebook.com/events

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Saturday 31 August – Animator: Future Moves EP Launch

Just a quick mention of yet another tasty event in this last winter’s weekend of burgeoning events in Melbourne.

This one is the EP launch of New Zealand’s Animator MC, entitled Future Moves. It takes place at the Rubix Warehouse and features other top local producers and artists Ghostsoul, Warpa!nt, Tee Cee and VJ Visuals. The EP is scheduled for launch on 2 September at Hopskotch Records.

8pm-1am. Rubix Warehouse, 36 Phoenix Street, Brunswick. $10.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/431963066910867/?ref=2

Written by Kristian Hatton.

Haarp Media Guest Picks: #14 – Dubfonik

Joel Klease aka Dubfonik is a dubstep producer whose deep, dark sound is right on top of its genre. He has releases on Hopskotch Records, Sixbux Production and Bassweight Recordings.

1. Massive Attack – Angel
The intro track to one of the best albums ever created. This song represents the album amazingly.

2. Burzum – Dunkelheit
Being a metalhead in my early days has definitely shaped my taste in music, with an attraction to dark – even sinister – tunes. Burzum creates a wall of sound with an amazing blend of guitars, distorted vocals and synthesizers.

3. Alix Perez – Untitled
This song is best listened to on good headphones to be able to appreciate the detail that has gone into crafting this track. There are still things I hear when listening that I swear were not in the song before.

4. Jedi Mind Tricks ft. RA The Rugged Man – Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story
If there is one hip hop song that you have to listen to the lyrics uninterrupted, this is it. RA delivers probably one of the best verses in hip hop I’ve ever heard, and doesn’t quit during it.

5. Robert Babicz – Remote Kiss
This song for me represents the beginning of something. The beginning of a night out. The beginning of a mix. The beginning of a new chapter. Robert Babicz is one of the tightest producers in techno and the hypnotizing bassline in this will make the song stand out wherever you hear it.

6. Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood
Generally I don’t listen to a lot of music that has made mainstream attention over the past few years, but Gorillaz are an exception, and this song is a prime example.

7. F – The Untitled Dub
This track, to me, represents a perfect blend of that fuzzy bit in between techno, house and dubstep, where you get lost in the driving bassline. I’d love to hear more stuff like this, so please get in contact if you have any lead…

8. The XX – Crystalised
A short song that I wish was much longer; this group amazed me when hearing their first album. A lot of bands have trouble trying to create a dark atmosphere while still staying minimal, but this song is an example of it being done with ease.

9. Burial – Southern Comfort
There is not much music like Burial’s, and it’s hard to choose one song to represent his sound. This track is one for the headphones – I’d love to write a bit more about it but I couldn’t do it justice – so just listen.

10. Headhunter – Prototype (Modeselektor’s Broken Handbrake Remix)
A dubstep tune that’s been remixed into a broken techno beat with one of the longest yet satisfying buildups, this one is a almost in every mix I play for the dancefloor, and every time it goes off.



Haarp Media Guest Picks – #3: Lysdexic


Jay Curtis aka Lysdexic – DJ/Producer and Label Manager/Owner at Hopskotch Records, Melbourne.

1. Autechre – Irlite (get 0) (Warp 2013))
haven’t listened to an ae album religiously since Untilted – ‘Exai’ takes the same bleak percussive dronescape approach toward the new palette from the more emotive ‘Oversteps’ and sends it off-course into alien inhuman territory. This ten-minute epic is the apex of the album.

2. Anodyne Industries – Until Daybreak (Hopskotch 2013)
XL atmospheric halftime dnb, smooth progression. perfect intro tune for a neuro set.

3. Separation Device – Spinocerebellar Tract (CRL 2013)
Industrial dnb side project from Romanian IDM artist Randomform, at thirteen tracks of lower bpm dnb awash with atmospherics and rolling basslines. ‘Exoskeletal Removal Machine’ is highly recommended.


4. CRi8 – Perfect Organizm (Battle Audio 2012)
Heavy, broken rhythms at a halftime pace. Syncopated distorted riffs. XXL

5. Warpa!nt feat Dyzlexic CM – Beddageddabeddabeat (Hopskotch 2013)
Sharp lyrical flow fuses with the stripped-back spacial production from two of Melbourne’s lesser-known talents.

6. Yes/No/Maybe – Careful (L-Burn Illuminati 2012)
Massively distorted melodic bass music with an element of fragility. Substance.


7. Zova – Dope Style (Hopskotch 2012)
Abstract, melodic. Syncopated vintage drums. IDM glitch-hop from my favorite release of last year.

8. Company Flow – DPA (As Seen On TV) (Def Jux 2000)
Classic. Still get chills in the middle section. All-time favorite. After ten years, I finally ordered the 12”.

9. MR DNA x DOS4GW – Pussy Pile (L-Burn Illuminati 2013)

Single from their free EP Molecules. Raw, blunted, ill.

10. Filip Oscadal – Vaxeen 4U (1991)
Badass chiptune.

Friday 5 July – Hopskotch present L-Burn Illuminati (Dos4gw + Mr DNA + Yes/No/Maybe)


Hopskotch Records present their final monthly event at MyAeon this Friday. After a series of high-quality, low-attendence shows, Hopskotch have decided to hibernate for the winter like most Melbournians are right now. Frost equals jack numbers, ya know.

A lot of crew Haarp Media love are playing here, so head on down for this one. Headlining are Mr DNA, Dos4gw and Yes/No/Maybe of the L-Burn Illuminati trill. Producer Dos and MC DNA will be playing their unique duet of horrorcore analog grind and slurry, leftfield lyrics. A lot of stuff will be played live off their new free-to-download EP Molecules, which you can get for free from the L-Burn Bandcamp site. Their producer/MC buddy Yes/No/Maybe will be smashing the MPC and possibly rapping a bit too. I’m predicting there will also be surprise cameos from other L-burners too.

Other guests at the Hopskotch party to be mentioned include Dubfonik and Warpa!nt with their international and respective brands of dubstep, Ghostsoul with his ultra-clean and smooth blend of unique trip-hop blends, and Heavy Innit crew member Baddums, bringing OG dubstep tunes to your receivers. Entry costs $10, doors open at 10pm.

Friday 5 July 2013. 10pm-4am. MyAeon, 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/401488439969028/?ref=2

Sounds Like: http://lburnill.bandcamp.com/album/molecules http://yesnomaybe.bandcamp.com/

Event of the Week: Hopskotch EP Launch feat. Shifty Sly + Wolfy


Hopskotch bring their unique brand of glitch-infused niche electronica to your ears for Haarp Media’s event of the week. Previous parties have been nothing short of sensational, but have lacked support, so they have rebrushed their formula to bring it even more. As if they needed to in the first place, but people are always clamouring for internationals and think that a more expensive party equals better quality all the time.

This is not necessarily true. If you show this party preference over the other more expensive internationals on this night, I assure you no disappointment.

Headlining are heavy bass producers Shifty Sly and Wolfy (only 18 years old!!!), whose hard-edged glitch wobble is nothing short of sensational. On top of that, you have solid crew DJs/producers like Kodiak Kid (Adapted/Whomp!), Mustard Tiger, Angus Green (Adapted), Ctoafn (Collateral Damage) and Citizen.com vs Matty Blades (Rock Like This).

It’s a cheap $10 to support your own backyard tunes, and carries Haarp Media’s stamp of approval, for whatever ethos you wish to translate that to.

Friday 7 June 2013, Starts 10pm, 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick.

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/374641919314070/?ref=2

Sounds Like: https://soundcloud.com/shiftysly https://soundcloud.com/wolfyproductions

Anodyne Industries – Counterconditioning (Hopskotch Records)


Anodyne Industries is a unique drum and bass-style project engineered by SF Bay Area producer Aaron King. He was first noticed on the IDM Forums, which also operated as a net label to release some of his work to a broader audience.

This was followed up by various remixes and free single and EP downloads, before gaining the attention of Australian glitch/IDM specialists Hopskotch Records. Hopskotch released a track of Anodyne’s on V/A compilation Divergence, and have now released Counterconditioning, which will be of particular interest to Australia’s alternative electronic music audience.

Counterconditioning is a luscious down-tempo three-track arrangement of half-step drum and bass. It is reserved and succinct, using minimal elements, all-pervasive sub-bass and intricate mid-range bass to convey space and depth. ‘Rev’ is energetic, and delivers intensity and edginess within a delicate structure that is relaxed. The Bay Area-style background vocals were a bit iffy, but essentially suited the song’s vibe.

‘Until Daybreak’ is carried by slippery, clattering percussion over the top of a brooding and dripping dark atmosphere complimented by intricate and warped sounds of the highest grade. It is again served minimally and conversely has great, punchy effect. Anodyne Industries’ last track is a remix of a Neuroscientist track ‘Poor Taste’, again delivered with the same skittery and broken sound that places beats everywhere but stays dead on time.

Counterconditioning is one of the more intriguing and tight electronic releases and signature sounds I’ve heard this year, and I can’t wait to hear what else Anodyne Industries will be producing in the future. The only real problem I have with this release is that it is too short for how absorbing it is. More, please.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/hopskotchrecords/sets/anodyne-industries/

Released for purchase on Beatport on 10 June 2013.