Thursday 7 May – Cymatic Society feat. Dr Res and Able8 @ eFiftyFive


Cymatic Society is a regular monthly event at Melbourne CBD bar eFiftyFive, hosted by James “U-Wish” Harris, a local hip-hop beats producer and DJ.

This May issue features guests Dr Res of Spain, and local producer Able8.

Dr Res comes from Barcelona and works as partner in label Disboot. Able8 is well-known in town for his involvement with such niche collectives as The Operatives, Boom-Bap Professionals and own label Uncomfortable Beats. U-Wish is resident DJ, and came runner-up in the 2012 DMC Victoria competition.


Genre: Hip-hop, Future beats

Time: 8pm-1am

Place: eFiftyFive, 55 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne CBD

Cost: Free

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Saturday 25 April – TuskTwo @ EFiftyFive w/ Lady Banton and Kamo

Lady Banton and Kamo return for their TuskTwo sessions at EFiftyFive.

A perfect way to get yourself amped for a more serious dance session, or alternatively to chill and meet up with friends and loved ones.


Genre: Reggae, dancehall, dubstep, grime

Time: 8pm-late

Place: EFiftyFive, 55 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne CBD

Cost: Free

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Thursday 29 May – Hi-Jak @ eFiftyFive


Another great local night at eFiftyFive featuring Kayhat, U-Wish and Able 8 as DJs from 8pm-1am, which will leave you time to get the tram home.

Great chemistry between the three of us was shown last time in a packed-out and cosy venue, which will be getting even cosier now that it’s coming up to Melbourne winter.

Get down into the basement for a nice, sloppy Thursday evening on a nice, sloppy couch with some nice, sloppy beer and toasties, whilst you and your friends get nice and sloppy.

8pm-1am. eFIftyFive, 55 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

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Written by Kristian Hatton.

Saturday 1 March – 50-50 x Reload present Gully Sandwich @ e55

Gully Sandwich is a new monthly event at eFiftyFive which specialises in grime music, and also makes forays into UKHH, Bassline, Garage, House, UK Funky, Bashment and Dancehall. It’s being promoted by crews 50-50 and Reload.

To celebrate their event launch, they’re bringing in Sydney’s Juzlo, one of Australia’s biggest grime names. Supporting him are Arctic (Coyote Records/Liminal Sounds) with MC’s Fraksha/Scotty Hinds/Diem/Murky Depths & Dr Flea (Smash Bros/BTE)

8pm-1am. eFiftyFive, 55 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

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Written by Kristian Hatton.

Thursday 27 February – Hi-Jak feat. Kayhat + U-Wish + Able8 @e55


Come along this Thursday evening to catch Able8, U-Wish and myself (Kayhat) play at eFiftyFive for a session of beats that are right on the pulse of where it’s at right now.

I have to say that it’s always fun playing with two guys that have become very close to me as workmates and friends over the last couple of years, and all of us are really passionate about our scene in Melbourne. It’s something we believe in enough to be out night after night as three guys who are out all the time.

Why is this night different to other nights? Why would you want to see us play yet again? I’ll tell you why plain and simple without embellishment.

When us three get together, some magic happens. We all come from similar places, yet we still contrast each other in a really positive blend. Last time we got together at eFIftyFive, we had everyone engaged to our sound platter from start to finish.

Do you detect a little bit of bias in this article? Of course. Can any journalist who does things on a voluntary basis be impartial? I love what I do, and it’s what I am in essence. We’re all about love for our beats community, and we’ll show you this love when we combine like Voltron for you.

Hope to see you there, kids, much love. We fucking represent.

8pm-1am. eFiftyFive, Basement Level, 55 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

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Written by Kristian Hatton.