Haarp Media Sessions soon to hit 50 sets at Mixcloud

The Haarp Media Sessions Mixcloud has been up and running for 3 years now. Our resident DJ Kayhat has morphed and split into 4 seperate “styles” after disappearing in Bangkok…

1. Hellohaticus – Raving Mantis Style (4×4/UKG/Breakbeat/Deep House/Techno)
2. DJ Shampoo – Luxury Lion Style (Juke/Jungle/Future Beats)
3. Yung Fun – Dog Nod Style (Chill/Beats/IDM)
4. Nameless Kig – Nanobot Soul Style (Technoid/Dnb/Deep Dubstep/IDM/Glitch/Experimental)

We have also previously experimented with podcast-style reviews, and also had special guest thePsilosimian from Retort Records mixing. So what comes next? More of the same genre-defying sets, and perhaps we’ll feature new guests. Perhaps a radio show will be in the works.

To celebrate, we’ll be starting our new monthly series – The VIP Backroom Sessions – on Friday 9 February at the New Tattersalls Hotel in Lismore, with Nimrod and DJ Shampoo (+ maybe a special guest or two) rolling out 6 hours worth of awesome tunes! Entry is $5, or $10 after 9pm.

As for the 50th set, we’d like to hear what you want.
Would you like a live at the Tatts set?
Or would you like to hear a new special guest?

Tell us in the poll and listen to any of the awesome 49 sets we’ve done so far, and we’d also like to hear which set is your favourite out of all of them!

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