Friday 25 September – Future Weird @ Footscray feat. Scotch Egg, Curse Ov Dialekt + more

Future Weird is our event of the week, screw all the other expensive town ones!  Japan native and Berlin alumni DJ Scotch Bonnett will be playing at a massive all-night party in Footscray this Friday.

DJ Scotch Bonnet is the new solo project of Shigeru Ishihara, aka DJ Scotch Egg.  A maverick, crazed with energy and excess creativity, Ishihara’s chance meeting with Matsunaga Kouhei spurred an isotopic explosion of activity and inspiration; the result was new dope style distorted bass and beats now championed by offshoot label, Small But Hard.

Swapping GameBoys and 8-bit limitation for a hefty distortion unit, Ishihara delves deep into bass-driven hip-hop breaks, and melds dense distorted beats with his signature pop sensibility.  Ishihara has collaborated with: E-Da’s (from Boredoms) in Drum EyesBo Ningen’s Taigen Kawabe , Dokkebi Q’s Gorgonn in dub distorting Devilman, and plays bass with electronic pioneers, Seefeel.

The other guests for this event conform to their own formula in terms of generic explanation, but you can expect a blend of hip-hop, hard/breakcore and glitch aesthetics.  This stellar line-up of niche maestros includes Curse Ov Dialect, Passenger of Shit, OVe-NaXxGelidoSnuggy ManSpasmoslopImpatient 8 – bachDJ California CrisisRippleStinkwood and Tarun (DJ SET)

Future Weird is going to be a not-for-profit charity fundraiser.  All profits raised will be donated to Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Crisis through the Red Cross, and it’s only a $5 cover charge. This event is crowned off with it being an all-nighter, located at Hot Spots squat at 20 Buckley Street, Footscray, presumably BYO.  They also have huge sound with four subs and five tops, and the visual will be turned out by Kate Geck and Xenosine.

Future Weird is one of those under-rated winners, and I wouldn’t be anywhere else for the world.

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