Threestuff Thursday 005

Welcome to Threestuff Thursday, a regular institute for free stuff.

Claim at email: (please give contact)

This week you can take double passes to…

Friday 22 May – Darkbeat presents Clarian (Canada) @ Railway Hotel Brunswick

Friday 22 May – Hi-Tech Shenanigans feat. Loose Connection (UK), EurythmyY (UK), Sense Datum (UK) @ MyAeon

Saturday 23 May – Glyphic/Detrimental Audio present Tunnel Vision EP Launch @ Sub Club

**** Also Detrimental Audio are giving away FREE copies of (local DnB/techstep/jungle producer) Glyphic’s EP Tunnel Vision.

Feast here on 320 kbps mp3s quickly before the link is dead 😉



1. One give-away per person, and no more than one win a month.
2. Only take the ticket if you’re definitely attending. Be considerate.
3. Claims for tickets can only be done in the next 24 hours
. No claims after.
4. We would like you to do one nice thing for someone else today!


Thanks to Darkbeat, Mithya Music and Detrimental Audio for being a part of Threestuff Thursday.

Crews contributing previously: Twisted Audio, BBA, Inhibit, Operatives, Machine, Trust, All Good, One Puf, Darkbeat, Funf Touring, Raw Wax, Psyberpunks, Muma Doesa, Zenon Records/Rexette, Doesn’t Matter, Oscillate, Square Milk

Rock on in the FREE world!

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