Friday 22 May – Hi-Tech Shenanigans feat. Loose Connection (UK), EurythmyY (UK), Sense Datum (UK) @ MyAeon

Mithya Music return to home club MyAeon for their second instalment of Hi-Tech Shenanigans, featuring headliner Loose Connections from the UK.

Also featured are EurythmyY (UK), Sense Datum (UK), Farebi Jalebi, Glacial, The Chojin, Salamangkero, Pakman, Ish , FMY, Tank Grrl, Folding Time and Tarun.

Expect the beats to be psychedelic, fast and furious. Your dance environment will be brought to life by the decor finesse of RayCosmo. If you can prove that it’s your birthday this weekend, attendance is free as can be!


Genre: Hi-tech, psytrance, progressive trance

Time: 10pm-6am

Place: MyAeon, 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Cost: $15 before midnight/$20 after midnight

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