Friday 22 May – Colonel Mustard’s present Orangutan Fundraiser @ Bar 303

Colonel Mustard’s are holding a charity reggae/dancehall/dub party at Northcote’s Bar 303 to raise funds for Orangutan Foundation International.

This organisation help by…

  • Buying up and maintaining forestland specifically for primates to live,
  • Rescue Orangutans from captivity and from locations destroyed for palm oil, and then provide specialist care for their preservation and continuity,
  • Maintaining Camp Leakey – a primate research facility where many of the world’s top zoologists gather to study Orangutans and their habitats,
  • Encouraging awareness and alternatives for the Palm Oil industry, which has been responsible for a large portion of primate endangerment in SE Asia.

As of 2015, Orangutan numbers in their habitats in Sumatra and Borneo are believed to be 40,000, a shocking drop from a decade ago of 60,000.

All proceeds for this event are slated to go directly to the OFI organisation, specifically for a fostering service for “adopting” primate infants, who receive the funds for their care. All money raised is for this adoption process.

Asides from the cause, you will be getting great value for the event anyway. because reggae gigs in Melbourne are well-known for their killer sound systems.

The rig in effect this time around will be provided by the Echo Chamber Soundsystem crew, and your selectors for the evening are L Que, Ranking Yoni, Red Robin, The Colonel and Mamacita Bonnita. There will also be live digital sets from Naram and Art, and the accompanying vocals of Dizzy Dee.


Genre: Reggae, Dancehall, Roots, Dub

Time: 7pm-2am

Place: Bar 303, 303 High Street, Northcote

Cost: $10 (ALL proceeds to go to OFI)

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