Melbourne on the down-low this week…

There’s not a lot happening this weekend in Melbourne now that we’re headed into the cold bit.  I mean, comparatively speaking anyway to other cities. 😉

However, out of town is the Yemaya Festival for all you cats who like a bit of doof-doof, and I also hear there’s a warehouse party on Saturday night. If you’re interested in attending that and you don’t have the hook-up, get at me.

I’d also like to give a quick mention that  our neigh-bours Uncomfortable Beats and Blend Corp are having a free do at Section 8 this Sunday, which wasn’t mentioned in the gig guide. They have special guests- Ghost Mutt, Grinel and Lockah, who are repping niche UK crew Donky Pitch.

Uncomfy are also about to release Adelaide producer How Green’s latest collab and improv jam with Datãkae entitled Hindum.  It’ll be released on the 28 of April, but I heard a little birdy knows where to go for a listen.

Make sure you check out our new monthly Haarp Media Hi-Five track tips, of which we’ll have sections on drum and bass, juke/footwork, techno and house, trap/hip-hop/future beats, dubstep, and future garage/UK bass.

I’m working on an interview with Able8, a feature of my travels to the jungle paradise at The Dusun in Malaysia + a chat with Cee of Bass Sekolah, and also a MASSIVE feature of top 100 albums you need in your collection.

Have a good one, stay safe, ❤ K

p.s. if you have any tips for me, get at me at 🙂

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