Haarp Media Hi-Five – Drum and Bass tracks for May

1. Arp XP and Maurs – You Don’t

Maurs’ lyrics piggy-back a  neurofunk beast by Arp XP. Great to drop a storm on.

Woo Factor – 2.5 out of 5

2. Deceit and Valac – Bronthide

A free track in celebration of Valac hitting 1000 likes on Facebook. A minimal tech-step track moved by a single kick drum through dark space.

Woo Factor – 2 out of 5 woo’s

3.  Mark Kloud – Driftwood

A techstep space skittering along a layer of snares to a boofing and popping 2-4.

Woo Factor – 1 out of 5 woo’s

4.  Bredren and Philth – Ghost Palace

This one will have your listeners tracing shapes in a steady and spacious groove.

Woo Factor – 2.5 out of 5 woo’s

5. Safire – Deep Architect

Safire does Melbourne proud with this undulating shaker creating a variety of motion through the warping terrain of dark and twisted neurofunk.

Woo Factor – 4 out of 5 woo’s

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