Saturday 18 April – CMD presents Sudden Sensory Overload: Part 1

Here’s a special doof tip for you. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for information in regards to location. If you have any trouble accessing the page, please contact us at

As it’s a doof, remember to come well-prepared in terms of camping supplies and keep yourself healthy and sober for the long drive. Catering will be onsite with crew Wrapper’s Delight providing food and coffee to fuel your tank.

DJs are Instant Alien, Dirty Fly, Winston Optional, Folding Time, Sam Hain, Digital, Synapses, Aftershock, Marco, ShroomaNic, Psilosquad, Depth Perception, Feelhers, Positive Pete, Andybiotic, Traumaa and Makatak.


Genre: Doof, psytrance

Time: 5pm – onwards

Place: Outdoor location TBA

Cost: $5 donation

Facebook page


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