Saturday 18 April – Bruk-out in the basement @ Sub Club

If you have matted hair aka dreadlocks and/or have a perchance for the green, yellow and red styles of sounds, you might be all about this particular event.

Eight of Melbourne’s finest dreadlocked purveyors of rasta-inflected music will be playing some brukkin killa koota for the Saturday night at the Sub Club.

Expect reggae, dub, deep dubstep and jungle tunes cranked from the dreadlocked likes of Warpa!nt, Andy Ites, Sista Itations, Sneakydread, Dub Princess, Ddsemar, Kymaera and Shifteq (RIP chicken).

There’ll also be dreadlock art with dreadlocks on it, dreadlock maintenance, dreadlock creation, dreadlock orgies, you get the picture.

Go if you like deep chill Jamaican-oriented sounds or if you have dreadlocks.



Genre: Reggae, dancehall, roots, dub, jungle, deep dubstep, dreadlock

Time: 10pm-late

Place: The Sub Club, Flinders Court, Melbourne CBD

Cost: $10 at the door

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