Saturday 18 April – Bicycle Day @ Brunswick Railway Hotel

Trippers around Melbourne are celebrating Albert Hoffman’s psychedelic discovery this Saturday with a massive doof at the Brunswick Railway Hotel.

Bring your bike to Brunswick, where international guest Chromatone has just annnounced. Other killer acts include Neocortex, Digital Sun, Ish, Rayman, Positive Pete, Uranium Mind, Megapixel, Solarflex, Jonny Blaze, DTMX, Frump, Lomax Bangstar, Glacial and Dirge.

There will also be UV body paint, lights, laz0rs, visual mapping and decor.

I have to say on a side note I highly discourage anyone using LSD or drinking from riding their bike. Don’t be a fucking idiot and do it because Albert Hoffman did it. The drug was obviously just being pioneered and taking drugs while you ride your bike is NOT safe. Don’t respond to peer pressure. This event is taking place in celebration of Albert Hoffmann’s discovery, not mimicing it.


Genre: Australian outdoor styles

Time: 7pm-7am

Place: Brunswick Railway Hotel, 291 Albert Street, Brunswick

Cost: Free

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