Friday 10 April – Cutting Shapes #4 @ Railway Hotel

This one had got me scratching my head at bit. It’s a local event that has around 2.2k RSVP’ed attendees for Facebook. None of the acts really seem all that different to a majority of parties around and there’s nothing to suggest anything bigger. Of course I’m not familiar with the crew Cutting Shapes as an author.

Seems like Cutting Shapes parties are the place to be and admittedly I was out of the loop for this one here. From an “outsiders” point of view in regards to this, Cutting Shapes looks to have been assisted by a strong aesthetic and branding.

Normally we don’t waste time one writing up particular events but I just had to, as my curiousity was piqued. I looked further into this one and researched the curators Jesse Young and Will Cummings for a bit.

Jesse Young attributes part of his brand’s rise in popularity of “deep house”, which put 4-4 back on the trendy lists for electronic music hipsters.

But the larger connection to Cutting Shapes’ popularity is Jesse’s involvement with Piknik Electronik, a weekly summer series at Melbourne’s Federation Square and part of a franchise connected to other trendy EDM-enthused cities Barcelona, Dubai,  Paris and Montreal. The events were done during the day time and featured prominent international house acts like Genius of Time,  A Guy Called Gerald and M.A.N.D.Y, as well as familiar locals like Uone,  Matt Radovich, Mike Callandar, Katie Drover and Chiara Kickdrum.

The relevance this has directly to Cutting Shapes is that they lend from Piknik Electronik’s fanbase and DJ lists, but with more local focus and still holding the same party vibe from word of mouth, with grungy forays into warehouse and even literal garage parties.

This particular event will be held at the Railway Hotel and will features DJs  Edd Fisher, Matt Priddy, Sibling (live),  Chris Kings, Jesse Young, Will Cumming, Jean Pierre and Jimi Red.  There will be $9 jugs all night.

Feel free to leave comments and give us the 411 on this if we have it wrong.


Genre: House

Time: 5pm-late

Place: Railway Hotel, 291 Albert Street, Brunswick

Cost: Free before 7pm
$5 before 10pm
$10 before 12am
$15 after 12am

Facebook page

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