Threestuff Thursday #2 Contributors – All Good/One Puf, The Operatives, Twisted Audio/Inhibit, Funf/Darkbeat, Trust

We like looking like good guys. We like other guys looking like good guys. We like making people happy. We like fostering a community in a positive way.

So every Thursday at a random time, we give away free tickets as handed onto us by Melbourne’s underground electronic music community.


Email us at, ask us what you want and give a contact.

If you’re first, you get free stuff! Simple, huh?


This week (total prize pool value – $300)

Friday 3 April: 2 x double ticket to Dro Carey (All Good/One Puf) , 1x Funf/Darkbeat 12th Birthday (Note: Friday draws close Thursday at midnight) (GONE!!!)

Sunday 5 April: 2x Espionage @ Howler Melbourne, 2x Trust, 2x Hospitality  (GONE!!!) (note: Sunday draws close Friday at midnight.)

1x Haarp Media Shirt (Medium Size – OG Logo Design)  (GONE!!!)



1. One give-away per person, and no more than one win a month.
2. Only take the ticket if you’re definitely attending. Be considerate.
3. If you try to scalp your ticket, we will scalp you,motherfucker.
4. Thank the promoters for the tickets, not us. We’re just facilitating.
5. IMPORTANT: Get in as quick as possible, no asking an hour before.
6. NO THE CHEATS. We will be randomising our draw time every week.
7. We would like you to do one nice thing for someone else today.

On this note, special shouts to our loving Melbourne electronic family.
Thank you, you guys fucking rock.

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