Sunday 5 April: Espionage Easter Sunday – Australian Special

The Operatives present yet another locals-only show that debunks any claims Melbourne’s collective electronic music scenes aren’t bringing the noise over a broad range of genres.

Operatives event brand Espionage focuses more specifically on soulful electronic jazz and urban branches of electronica.

Headlining this event are live six-piece jazz outfit Kirkis.

Kirkis lend ingenuity and improvisation to jazz with contemporary electronic embellishments, which in turn utilise the wonky off-sets and fizziness within the “future beats” genre to compliment traditional instrumental jazz.

There’s also an eclectic bevvy of producers and DJs showing urban finesse and creativity in a unique and live way, including Billy Hoyle, Lucianblomkamp, Silent Jay feat. Jace XL, Queen Magic, HighTea and Sean Deans.

Out the front of Howler Melbourne, you can chill to DJs Jamie Now, JPS, Anomie, Jonny Faith, Amin Payne, Bee Ampersand and Jade Zoe.

Brendan Harwood will sew up this episode of Espionage on the visual tip.

Summary: Melbourne’s most trusted future beats brand bring a well-crafted local edition to Howler Melbourne this Sunday.


Genre: Local Urban/Jazz/Hip-hop electronica

Time: 5pm-1am

Place: Howler Melbourne, 7-11 Dawson Street, Brunswick

Cost: $23.50 (tickets here)

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