Saturday 4 April: Manix EP Launch @ The Railway Hotel

We haven’t seen Manix around for a while, where’s he been hiding? He’s been up in sunny Queensland and he’s brought his first self-titled solo EP with him!

For those of you who don’t know who we’re talking about, Manix is an upstanding young gentleman of astounding pedigree who partakes in urban contemporary poetry. He is known throughout Melbourne’s underground hip-hop scene as a funny yet formidable MC, has featured on cuts by Able8, is former co-host of the Street Poetics sessions and was one third of rap group PanOptics.

With this in mind, it’s time to drag yourself over to the north side of town for a party that will be sure to attract many underground hip-hop heads in.

Supports are Able8, Julez, Tom Kwan, Cash Krzma, Mars Madness Music andSpecial Guest TBA” – I mean – DJ Sizzle.

Bring a spare change of underwear or two, one to change into after throwing them, one to change into it starts raining – IN YOUR PANTS.


Genre: Hip-hop

Time: 8:30pm-1am

Place: The Railway Hotel, 291 Albert Street, Brunswick

Cost: (not stated)

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