Friday 3-Sunday 5 April: Culture Jam presents The Town


You might have read our feature on Culture Jam last week. For those who haven’t, here’s an except from the feature on what this exciting crew are up to.

The Town (on Easter Weekend 2015) is going to be Culture Jam’s first event staged outside of Melbourne in the Strathbogie Ranges. The premise for this event is that they will create their very own town for the Easter weekend for a population of 800 people maximum, as “a place of like-minded folk who have declared the real world a joke.”

Culture Jam is asking for participants to choose a “suburb” to move into (including locations Pleasantville, Hipster Town, Funkytown and Vanland), complete with its own mayor and media. The Town is touted to feature a church with weddings, fashion police, a general store, tea-house, beauty parlour, barber shop, bike cabs, canoeing on the lake, cafe, DIY school, op shop, library, and special Adventure Town for workshops and “missions”.

Amongst the day-to-day grinders in The Town you will find Fashion Police, Naughty Nurses, Town Media,  Lollypop Ladies, Steampunk Delivery Boys, PYROMANIAC FIREMEN?! You are also invited to take on your own Town career.

Of course, there will be a fun and funky soundtrack to the town featuring JFB (UK),Thriftworks (US) and Frivolous (Canada) as headliners.

Other production-based and live acts include Spoonbill (NZ), Child (SF), Tom Cosm (NZ), Mortisville + Friends, Thankyou City, Miso, Hugo and Treats, Sekky, Griff, Circuit Bent, Reuben Stone, The Vibraphonik Orchestra, Rhythmik, Dub Princess, Stinkwood and Auma.

There’ll also be the DJing skills of Kodiak Kid, Lickweed, Chestwig, Cat Party, The Chief, Dice Fx and Jantango.

This event encourages sustainability so you’ll be encouraged to put the earth first, and The Town will be disappearing after this weekend.


Genre: Eclectic, glitchy and funky

Time: 12pm Friday-10pm Sunday

Place: Charnwood Camp. Lima East. Strathbogie Ranges.

Cost: $150 (tickets here)

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