Friday 3 April: Darkbeat 12th Birthday and Funf feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner

Funf and Darkbeat -two of Melbourne’s premier underground techno crews – reminisce and emulate techno parties from earlier days where DJs played for longer than three hours, events were done for the love of it, and when crews did things together without greed.

So they’ve joined together for this super-event, partly for Darkbeat’s 12th birthday, but mostly for the PLUR. Oh and also cause it’s Easter break, right?

This event is really exciting in quite a few ways. One of the most outstanding ways this event differs from other ones going down this easter weekend is that it spans two massive iconic venues in Melbourne – La di da and Brown Alley.

Another reason this party is the place to be is that the event has mega legs, kicking off from 4pm Friday and running through until 10am the next day.

Need more reasons? How’s this one. A troupe known as the Flying Circus are coming along for the fun too. They have done shindigs in London, New York, Ibiza and Mexico, and it’s quite the nod for them to include Melbourne in their list of great places to go and party. They’ll be doing their own special stage of headliners for your dancing pleasure.

We’d personally like to encourage all attendees to be as responsible as they can with their stamina and consumption, as you might regret it going all-out too soon, especially if you haven’t eaten.

In order to stock up on calories to burn for hours of fun, consider attending the BBQ feast at La Di Da running from 5-7pm. Plus, it might be a great way to catch up with friends beforehand to nurture your party bond nice and early.

Note: There will be drink specials happening to decrease wallet wolf attacks.

Headliners for the overall event are: Fritz Kalkbrenner (live), Guy J, Eelke Kleijn, Martin Buttrich (Flying Circus), Audiofly (Flying Circus), Blond:Ish (Flying Circus) and Anthony Pappa.

…and here’s the crazy big local list: Phil K, Rollin Connection & Darius Bassiray (Birthday Reunion Set), Lo Fi-45 [Kasey Taylor & Lister Cooray], Steve Ward, Dave Pham, Matt Radovich, Jack Love, Muska, Ozzie La, Chris Meehan, Dave Juric, Dylan Griffin, Mish’chief, Volta, Simon Murphy, Troy Marc & Studious, Luke Vecchio, Jesse Young, Jayson Holden, Marcus Holder, Stevie Eastwood, Jon Beta, Rick Inserra, Dan Gaut, Chris Lath, Hamza, Scott Freedman, Kelly Jae, Brian Fantana, Caine Sinclair, Retza, Valerio Sinatra, Hands Down, JC Coyle, Terrio Jackson, Lee Dippa, Leigh Boy, Arkohm, Andrew, Rhythm & Weight, Carly Jandro ft Rory Hannah, Jaybee, Michealis.


Genre: Techno

Time: 4pm-10am

Place: Brown Alley, 585 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD and
Ladida, 577 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD

Cost: $50 (Second round tickets here and running out…)

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