Threestuff Thursday: 26 March-2 April


We like looking like good guys. We like other guys looking like good guys. We like making people happy. We like fostering a community in a positive way.

So every Thursday at 3pm, we will give away free tickets to events as handed onto us by the more generous promoters of Melbourne (and other places).

Email us at and ask us for your ticket and give contact details.

If you’re first, you get free stuff! Simple, huh?


This week…

Ticket give-aways

Friday 27 March: 2x Raw Wax presents Citipower @ Mercat (Value – $20)

Friday 27 March: 1x Machine presents Steve Law @MyAeon (Value – $10)

Thursday 2 April: Psyberpunks feat. Hedflux (UK) and Penumbra (Sydney) @ MyAeon (Value – $40)

1x Haarp Media Shirt (Medium Size – OG Logo Design)

If you’re a generous promoter/label/artist, you may like to hit us up to be a nice guy. We may contact you and ask you if you’d like to donate. Please be generous! This will show us that that you have a positive message we’d like to spread and sponsor. 😉

Contact Kayhat at:

Remember – The world needs nice people!


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