Thursday 2 April: Psyberpunks feat. Hedflux (UK) and Penumbra (Sydney) @ MyAeon


Thursday is always a hard day to put a dance party up, but this shouldn’t perturb you with this stellar psychedelic cosmos arrangement.

UK’s Hedflux is dropping by MyAeon, supported by interstate Sydney act Penumbra and local artists. There’ll be two stages at this with Funktion-One and JBL-HiFi sound, as well as laser and visual shows.

Hedflux is at the top of the game as so far as psy-breaks are concerned, and aims to present non-standard multi-genre EPs from world-class psychedelic artists with his label – .Luminus Music.

You can purchase tickets for 15 (early bird) and 20 from here, and you might like to look at our brand new feature – Threestuff Thursday, where we’ll be giving away a double pass for the event.

The local sound sponsors are: Lickweed, Glacial, Megapixel, Rayman DJ, Autopsy, Tank grrl, Ayanami, Stavrock, Orb Weaver, Blueprint, Dirge, Lomax Bangstar, Soul Splitter and Perceptor

Visual and light art is being done by Keito (Northern Lights), and the sound system is being taken care of by Blazing Lasers.


Genre: Psy-breaks, Psytrance, Progressive Trance, Glitch-hop

Time: 10pm-late

Place: MyAeon, 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Cost: 15/25

Facebook page


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