Friday 27 March: Machine presents Steve Law @ MyAeon


Melbourne is one of a few points around the world recognised for fostering and honing movements of “serious” techno. Machine has set a routine and schedule for events, releases, style and visual aesthetic true to the definition of Machine. This Machine has been whirring at a steady pace for a number of years and is one our city’s most reliable institutes. This time around presents one of our country’s most important techno artists – Steve Law.

Steve Law is – as described by Machine – “part of the electronic music bedrock of Australia.” He comes from the same school of original modular techno equipment as such luminaries as Ollie Olsen, and shows no sign of slowing his pace as a 20+ year veteran of Melbourne’s techno scene. His project Zen Paradox originated in 1992 has evolved into his own identity in 2015, and he has recently released on international label Atom Heart and also put out a 20+ undulating freeform track Magnetosphere on small Australian experimental label Retort Records.

Also featured at this issue of Machine are Ranjit Nijjer (“…with his nuanced and complex take on the Traktor system.”) and the ever-present esteemed hosts and legends of the scene Andrew Till and Simon Slieker.


Genre: Straight-up, no-bs Techno

Time: 10pm-late

Place: MyAeon, 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Cost: $10

Facebook page


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