Re: Meet ACTUAL Doof Culture article


It has been drawn to our attention that there are massive gaping holes in our knowledge in the posting of our response to Pilerats, and we accede to that,

Thank you to our friend for pointing out that there was, “….no mention of the Sydney 90 scene: happy valley, free 2 b me, the massive warehouse scene there including the famous Broadway squats, the graffiti hall of fame, Stanford theatre etc…”

We must admit that our knowledge is limited to experience of a kid growing up around Byron Bay. We had little time to reply or think in order to get the article out as quick as possible, which is obviously a bit hypocritical of us when we were talking about researching culture as well.

Please feel free to fill us in on anything we may have missed by emailing us at, and thanks again!

Extra note: this was also limited by amount of research available too. We’d love for others to take the time to share their knowledge in the public domain of our history too.

All best
Kristian Hatton


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