Check Out Our Archive: Haarp Media Tumblr Blog


Here’s our exciting formation if you’d care to have a look. Go check out the Archives tab.

We’re no n00bs. Haarp Media is actually having its fourth birthday this month!

Our inception was in March 2011 rather pretentiously called The Lone Flower and then The Natural Hipster (that was a joke) and then Haarp Media.

You can track our maturity and various gaffes in the archives. You can also see we had various interviews with cool guys like Netsky, Kode9 and Max Cooper. You can also see we’ve been very strange at times and never used to hold back.

Things have changed now.

We want to encourage and support positivity, and flaming outrageously has been found not to serve our agenda.

Do you think we’ve grown up yet? What’s your favourite article? What should we bring back? What would you like to see more of?

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