Editorants: Haarp Media Returns! Coming to grips with where we’re at and WHY.

Hi, and welcome to Haarp Media’s brand new blogging platform.

Haarp Media took a break from blogging for over a year, to get some real-life perspective as electronic music event promoters and performers. This work was inspiring – and sometimes painful – and it’s generally given us a greater perspective on the overall Melbourne beats scene, as well as giving us a need to look beyond it.

So now we return to with regular articles and a more stream-lined look in WordPress.

We have addressed image and roll-over issues, and are aiming for a less cluttered and more professional-looking blog. We are aiming to be less partial and more entertaining; less niche-oriented and appealing to a broader audience.

Our central aim is to strike a balance between informing, entertaining and creating social commentary. We will still retain our cutting edge and will not be afraid to be outspoken. Passion and truth are important to us. Hopefully you will find our edge has matured and developed due to a broader perspective we’ve honed outside of blogging.

You will also see what seems to be unrelated content at times. We are attempting to expand and cover other things in life, because Haarp Media lives a life outside of electronic music in Melbourne. We are affiliated with many scenes in the macrocosm of Melbourne beats culture, but we are not going to be enslaved by it.

We like telling stories, we like travelling, we like hearing of other cultures, we like nature, we like political debate, we like playing games, we like reading books, we like drawing pictures. All of these things affect Melbourne electronic music culture. So let’s embrace the larger picture and have some fun with it.

If you are a small crew and/or you have some sort of initiative you wish to be known, by all means contact and pitch to us. We are most interested in things that operate outside of capitalist ventures that operate with their own life.

All best
Kristian Hatton

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