Saturday 31 May – Phuture @ New Guernica


If there’s one gig you should be going to this weekend, here it is. if there’s one group who could be said to have pioneered Chicago acid house, Phuture is it, and they are coming to New Guernica this Saturday.

DJ Pierre, Spanky and Herb J (the first two appearing on Saturday) started recording in 1985. Those rolling, squelchy sounds you know as the key bass emulation leader for so many old house songs were created by a Roland TB-303, which was Phuture’s tool of choice.

Through their focus on Chicago clubs in their prime, Phuture extended their sound to rave and acid house culture worldwide with hypnotic,funky and driving 10+ minute minute tracks like ‘Acid Tracks’ (1987) and ‘We Are Phuture’ (1988).

Here is a chance to catch some true legends of the house game, get with the program. A great bargain too at 25-30 bucks a ticket.

This event is being fronted by Funf Touring and The Selectors, and supporting acts are Sleep D, Cleverhands, Safari, Harold & Conor, 6am at the Garage and Jesse Young


9pm-5am. New Guernica, 322 Little Collins Street, Melbourne CBD. $25/30.

Facebook Event Page

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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