Friday 30 May – Electro Swing Club @ 170 Russell


This is a set that’s got the town raving right now, the Electro Swing Club. I remember these guys getting started up on the bootleg tip at the 20 Ovens warehouse a couple of years ago, but I thought the trend would have passed by now.

Instead the electro-swing genre been pushed even further by Hellzapoppin through its seemingly exclusive nature of 1920’s fashion chic, vaudevillian decor and cosplay, burlesque, swing dancing and caberet all combined into one big hipster orgy.

Because of these elements, the Electro Swing Club have pioneered Australian “Speakeasy” events and expanded them into a colossal franchise which many major cities across the world want a piece of. 

I must admit I underestimated how big this would go due to my own personal distaste for big-beat styles and mid-range whomp, but there you go, I guess I’m not up with popular movements at times. Hey, I guess that’s my own ego fucking with me once again, we all have our own cross to bear.

I still can’t stand this sort of electronica personally though because of cliched builds, drops and vox samples, but damn it’s gotten trendy cause of the fashion attached to it, and because a lot of people regard it as a combination of old and new, and it does have certain elegance and undeniable dancefloor pull to it.

Anyway, I don’t like admitting I’m ever wrong about anything. Let’s keep it simple and dispense of the waffling. At least I can consolidate myself in that “Melbourne Bounce” can eat their teeny-bopper hearts out, and that at least these guys are genuinely pretty cool and creative cats in comparison. I get jealous too sometimes, admittedly. 

The main thing to remember now if you want one of these exclusive tickets, you’ll have to get in by 10am tomorrow morning on Monday. The promotion states that they’ve been solidally in demand via email and phone, so if they’re to be believed, you’ll have to get in quick.

Playing for your entertainment if you can get in on this one…

The Woohoo Revue (in what is touted as their final Melbourne show!), Flap, Mortisville and Friends Live Band (UK/Melb), DrCAT (DJ Set – UK/Italy), Electronic Swing Orchestra (POEKS DJ Set – Berlin), Sekkt (Live – Melb/Slovakia) and Cat Party (Melb).

Also featured in the “Contraband Room” (I mean, is this all geared for drug mystique or what, nice promotion) we have Jantango , Moskallin, Blunderbuss and Red Dragon, as well as performers Miss Friby of Vivacious Burlesque, Sugar Le Brun of Sexy Burlesque, and the Swing Patrol with Living Swing Dancing.

There’s also advertised to be more stage performers, burlesque acts and podium swing dancers to be announced, as well vaudeville face painting, multi projection imagery, “world class” lighting provided by Lupine Lighting, and further Vaudevillian 1920’s decor touches to top this very extravagant-sounding event.

Remember, get your tickets bright and early tomorrow morning if you wish to attend. 


9pm-5am. 170 Russell, 170 Russell Street, Melbourne CBD. $30.

Facebook Event Page

Written by Kristian Hatton.

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