Friday 23 May – Mithya Music presents Hi-Tech Shenanigans


Okay, here’s a psytrance show for you all to attend out at Brunswick this Friday, entitled Hi-Tech Shenanigans.

I personally can’t stand a majority of the psytrance genre, but it certainly has its place in Melbourne’s electronic music community. There’s even a certain number of tracks I can listen to without bleeding out of my ears, and even get down and have a good boogey to..

Also I respect that psytrance crews do some of the best efforts out in terms of decor and overall atmosphere to have a party on, and put the majority of us to shame in terms of establishing environment.

So I’ll rep psy here as an important and creative part of Australian electronic music culture, no doubt.

Shows by this particular crew – Mithya Music – are also always energetic with a lot of cool people around. They also brought over Psycovsky for their last show, which gets ticks in the boxes from me.

Can y’all just tell me why you feel you have to impend “psy” within all artist and show names? And can you tell me why a genre that is touted to be “psychedelic” is so narrow in spectrum and production range?

Anyway, more about the event.

The headliner is Madianbrain, who does do some admittedly brain-bending sets of psychedelic trance. The ever-present king of Melbourne psytrance and former boss of rant-heavy forum Oztrance (RIP) – Ozzy – will be down to play some beats, as well as DJs Tarik, Glacial, The Chojin, Crimemaster GOGO, Tarun, Ampoule, Ayanami, Dr Quinn and CyKe.

To top it off, if it’s your proven birthday weekend, you’re getting in for free. That’s pretty classy of the promoters, thumbs up.

Starts 10pm. MyAeon, 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick. $10/15.

Click Here for Facebook Event Page

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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