Friday 23 May – Bitcat @ Loop


The expansive series Bitcat is on for another round at Loop this Friday.

Why should you attend?

1. Bitcat presents an original and diverse formula of DJs playing dance and urban music ranging from hip-hop to future beats to live electronic performance to juke.

2. A great line-up with Reykjavictim’s electronically enhanced live acoustic performance, 2Fuddha’s popular and energetic DJ sets, Vacant Lake’s woozy and textured soundscapes, Tigermoth’s hard-soft combination of smart and roots-driven classical boom-bap, Ruffles delivering sophisticated trip-hop influenced downtempo beats, and DIV’s quirky combination of connoisseur’s IDM, breaks and experimental riffs.

3. All performers produce their own beats too.

4. Wicked visuals by VJ duo Zeal.

5. The event is free as all events at Loop are.

6. Fuck it, why not go out with some friends to something different?

Starts 10pm. Loop, 23 Meyer Place, Melbourne CBD. Free!

Click Here for Facebook Event Page

Written by Kristian Hatton.

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