Friday 23 May – DJs Kayhat + Andre Le Vogue @ Fitzroy Beer Gardens


(Warning To Reader: Yes, this is a blatant self-promotion and doesn’t pretend at being anything else. But hey, am I not a part of this scene too?!)

Hello all.

I’ll be playing with my friend Andre Le Vogue of Scarlett Vogue Productions coming up towards the end of May and want to get you guys down to check out this venue.

Le Vogue and his partner Scarlett Minx have been holding up things on the techno and deep house front in Melbourne for a very long time, and are an understated yet (in my mind) integral part of the Melbourne electronic music community.

They deserve props for what they do, and it’s my pleasure to be playing alongside Andre at his very excellent night for my second time as a DJ. His Friday and Saturday residencies never lack for good guests, and I consider it a nod to be amongst those who play here.

The Fitzroy Beer Garden is up on the corner of Smith and Gertrude streets in Fitzroy and is a lovely low-key way to spend a Friday/Saturday night. There’s an open air area out the back where the DJs are and they have another bar. You can smoke out there, order your food, and get a place to sit with your friends at a picnic bench.

I hope some of you guys (esp friends, I’m looking at you, Northside Lowkey click) can come down and hang out, maybe have a bit of a shuffle, get tipsy, eat some nice food, catch up with other friends, get home without terribly injuring yourself, etc. 


8pm-1am. The Fitzroy Beer Gardens, 243-245 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. Free!

Click here for Facebook event page


Written by Kristian Hatton.

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