Review: DOS4GW – Drones (L-Burn Illuminati)


L-Burn Illuminati’s analog-grind hip-hop instrumentalist DOS4GW presents something a little different with his latest release – Drones. It is exactly as the title suggests, it’s drones.

The release itself isn’t anything new and represents an entire concept to chat about here and fill people in here who might not know about the idea of Drone. The concept of drones in music is to carry a harmonic or monophonic effect of accompaniment where a note or chord is continuously sounded through most or all of a piece.

In a recent chat we had with DOS4GW, he told us that “the idea was to record something really spontaneous…just put [Drones] online pretty much as it was recorded.”

“I thought it could be a synth drone with some limitations, only Korg sounds with some little accompaniments carried through a OP-1 to constrain the sound and make it stick together. After I recorded four or five of them i thought “damn, these could work as tracks”, so i tried playing two back at the same time and it worked great.”

“I thought about how to present it. Youtube was by far the easiest way because you can just open however many windows you want, and have however many tracks going at once, kinda like Zaireeka (ed: eighth album by the Flaming Lips).”


Drones are interactive, and you can play the drones in any sequence you want, thus adding a human element that juxtaposes the purely electronic element of the relentless droning.

DOS4GW’s production methods and sounds have always been highly envied in Melbourne’s electronic music with his grinding horrorcore beats. Now his percussion, harmonies and melodies have been cut to show you the barest bones of his analog sounds, which modulate and undulate in a relaxed or apocalyptic fashion.

In our test run of the product, we opened up all eight tracks at once in Youtube. This created a dense texture of electronic babbling that made me wish I had taken some psychedelics or smoked some weed to really get immersed and mentally isolate the drones. I then started taking away sounds one by one, which helped me identify certain sounds and then wish I had put other ones back.

I was really happy with the interactivity of Drones and could stuff around with it for hours. It’d be great to have venues out there playing these sort of soundscapes, and have patrons all getting immersed together. Drone as an objective sound also opens up possibilities for other producers to contribute their own drones, and create a pool of sounds together.

I enjoyed the experience thoroughly, and it’s great to hear niche producers expanding their horizons to embrace electronic sound as an objective concept.

Could you conceive what Melbourne would objectively sound like if people and producers were creating new monophonic resonances all over the city? If life was to be viewed as an organic lifeform, we would be making a nose not unlike cicadas in a rainforest.

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