Saturday 8 March – Shaolin Shakedown @ Happy Palace


The main reason I wrote this one up was because of the promo on the Facebook page, it was hilarious.

“Forged from solid rock”, Buck Rogers seems to be lending a page from the Wu-Tang Clan’s mythos in that he is “a legend (-) born” in the “original gravel pit” in Auckland, and that his DJ skills were honed in a Shaolin school for DJing.

Other Melbourne/Wu-Tang DJs featured are and Lickweed. Wu-tang forever, protect ya neck, kid. Watch out, apparently people in Happy Palace are apparently “rowdy monks with all manner of weaponry at the ready”.

There’s also $7 spicy chicken ribs and $5 basic spirits available there all week from 7-9pm, as well as $20 jug n rubs (massage and jug of beer).

Starts 6pm. Happy Palace, 87 Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.

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