Friday 7 March – Universe presents Collective Consciousness


The information on this event was sketchy at best, but seemed to be a collaboration between crews.

I recognised Bunker and Mokumo as being crews doing largely house-style events, and I assume Paradise is the same Paradise as last year’s hipster indie rock and niche electronica outdoor festival.

Upon further inspection of other links for the event, I found that the following crews and corresponding DJs are playing…

Pleasure Planet (PWD)
Paradise Music (DJ Paradise)
Bunker (Adrian Bell)
Mokumo (Disrute)
Universe (Glass Mirrors & Viscose)

Their own promo – for your information – is as follows…

The first in our series, a showcase for the local sound of the underground.
This is the future of dance music. 
These are the dudes doing cool shit, keeping it 2 legit 2 quit and staying true to the collective aesthetic
Multiple minds with a single vision, a utopia networked amongst the smoke.
Thought speak from the system of dance, you will ripple in their liquid high.
Support your blood and show yourself.

Wow, deep.

In other tangible information,I was able to decipher the following drink specials…

$3 pots of beer and cider
$10/x2 Jager bombs
$5 Aurora Bombora

$5 shots

10pm-5am. Liberty Social Club, Universe, 279 Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD. $5/10.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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