Friday 7 March – Gold Panda @ Corner Hotel


David Schlecker aka Gold Panda hails from Peckham, United Kingdom. He’s a very popular electronic music artist, and one who can truely say he has an original electronic sound, one based in fuzzy off-beats, warm melodies and composition grounded more aesthetically, rather than built specifically to please dancefloors.

Random Fact: Gold Panda’s first album Lucky Shiner was rewarded by The Guardian (yes, the newspaper) for their Best First Album of 2010. His other full-length albums Companion and Half of Where you Live are more suitable for those in urge of teh boogie, and are influenced partly through his geographic location as an artist in exotic places such as Japan, Hong Kong, Berlin and Brazil.

Gold Panda has also released quite a few 7 and 12”s in limited capacity, and a compilation of tracks on the grail of DJ Kicks.

Come check him out this Friday at the Corner Hotel where he’ll be playing supported by unique local Oscar Key Sung, who is related to such crews as Brothers Hand Mirror. This guy, well worth a gander, just because he’s not afraid to do something more individualised and fresh.

For the record, he’s being presented by crews Opulent and Illusive, in conjunction with Handsome Tours Golden Plains Sideshow.


8-11:30pm. Corner Hotel, 57 Swan Street, Richmond. $40.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.

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