Friday 7 March – EP Launch event: Titus 12 – ‘Karnak’


Pete Hazell aka Titus 12 of Bristol, UK is pretty much part of Melbourne’s local terrain of DJs and producers these days. He appears as a resident DJ for Rubix Warehouse’s Funhouse Fridays and is a member of Uncomfortable Beats, as well as making guest appearances at Melbourne events, including a recent show at our Neigh-Bours showcase.

Titus 12 also happens to be a producer of dubby soundscapes. This Friday, he is presenting his first album – Karnak – which apparently is inspired from time in isolation in so-said place. This album is soon to be reviewed at Haarp Media, so keep an eye out for what we have to say about it.

Supporting guest DJs and producers include Able8, Snareophobe, SK, Forsue and Bevin Campbell, who hail from both of Titus 12’s homes of Uncomfortable Beats and Rubix Warehouse.

Starts 8pm. Rubix Warehouse, 36 Phoenix Street, Brunswick. Free!

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.

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