Friday 7 March – BOOM! Level 3 / DnB / Dubstep / Bass / Future


BOOM! is a relatively new night pioneered by DJ Hellraiser and The Engineer at the CBD Nightclub in Melbourne city. The aim of the game is a diverse range of engaging electronica for y’all to get wide to.

This week’s BOOM! sees a bass music takeover from DJs like Token, Baddums, J:Nitrous, Disrute, Bee Ampersand, Zayler, Asylum

..and L-Burn Illuminati? Okay, I never knew they were classified as bass music. Well, I guess there’s bass in hip-hop beats.

Epps, Mr DNA, Aoi and Prince Mackerel (who has actually admitted he is Aoi this week, so therefore doesn’t exactly count?) will be performing some HUGE BASS MUSIC for your delight, along with the other guys, and definitely receives our Haarp Media stamp of approval.

10pm-5am. CBD Nightclub, Level 3, 12 McKillop Street, Melbourne CBD. $15/25.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.

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