Thursday 6 March – Dance Technique feat. Post Percy: 12 Hour Set!


 I could think of worse ways to spend twelve hours apart from playing my favourite tunes in a nice club like New Guernica.

Lucky DJ Post Percy will take the people through their paces for this on Thursday. I have to wonder if doing a twelve hour set is really that entertaining? Will Post Percy actually be able to keep his music active for that long?

You can decide for yourself on Thursday if you have the patience to. PP’s “special guests” include Bunker DJs Adrian Bell, D-Rex and DJ Kiti, so I imagine Percy will not have to urinate in a bottle and be able to have a feed/drink.

As so far as Post Percy’s credentials are concerned as a DJ, he has played disco and house styles for many years at venues like New Guernica, Roxanne, Prince of Wales, No Future, Mercat, Brown Alley, Miss Libertines, and other cities, and (if the promo is to be believed) has at times played up to five-six nights a week out on the town.

5pm-5am. New Guernica, 322 Little Collins Street, Melbourne CBD. Free!

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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