Saturday 1 March – TRNSMT x Boywolf Warehouse Party

Here’s another underground event on the fly you’ll need to act on straight away.

This one is a warehouse party in celebration of TRNSMT radio’s successful fundraising campaign. TRNSMT are a live steaming radio station that showcases some of Melbourne’s top beats crews live on video over the internet.

They had to raise funds to get new gear (turntables, etc) for the streaming studio, and are also considering a change of location from the dingy attic in the lounge to a new public location where DJs can play in the tradition of the Boiler Room.

Personally, I consider this a very positive step in establishing Melbourne as a force in the global electronic music scene.

Anyway, the party is to be held in the Richmond ghettos, and will be done in conjunction with Boywolf – a street-style clothing company who work in conjunction with TRNSMT regularly.

Featured DJs for this event are listed in crews rather than individually, showing the hive mind mentality of the TRNSMT project. Crews featured are All Good, The Operatives, One Puf, Movement, Juve, Ruckus, Esc, and Fuck The Radio.

This event is sponsored by Store DJ, and hosted through the Rogue Magnetic Sound system. Congratulations to TRNSMT boss Sam Carmex for raising nearly $3000 for a very worthy project in support of Melbourne beats culture massive.


Starts 6pm. Undisclosed Warehouse, 1 Doonside St, Richmond. $10.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.

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