Thursday 20 February – Slamalamadingdong: The Love Slam! Feat. Ebony Moncrief and Matsumoto Zoku


There’s some slam poet styles being repped up at the Trades Hall this coming Thursday for the Love Slam.

The theme for the evening is Love, but performers can go by any theme they like as they perform their own original work in under three minutes, with no props, music or gimmicks.

The main performers touted for the night are 2013 Slam champion Ebony Moncrief and Japanese beat-box/didge duo Matsumoto Zoku, the latter of whom performed last Sunday at Culture Jam’s Street Freaks event.

It’s worth noting that the origins of this particular event date back 15 years ago in America to the original series of events dubbed the ‘Chicago Uptown Poetry Slam.’ It has since attracted a lot of media attention because of its self-indulgent and hipster-related culture, for which the originator Marc Smith thinks is not entirely a good thing, but is generally content that thousands of people took to the concept of the Slam.

Smith’s ideal for the event was supposed to be a community-focused event, rather than honing in on individuals, and is intended non-competitively and unambitiously as an open platform for all forms of poetry.

All poets wishing to express their wordyrappinghood have to register at 6:30pm. They won’t have to pay entry fee, and their scores will be assessed for eligibility to the semi-finals in October. Pre-booking for this event is recommended.

Starts 7:30pm. Bella Union, Level 1, Trades Hall, Corner Lygon and Victoria Street, Carlton. $12/15.

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Written by Kristian Hatton.

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