Sunday 16 February – Street Freaks @ CERES Environmental Park


Here’s a show showcasing the creative lengths people will go to to ask for a buck on the street these days. Melbourne events team Culture Jam take another interesting direction of focus this Sunday at CERES Environmental Park.

Street Freaks is a session showcasing some of the extraordinary talent that you might happen to hear walking down Swanston Street. Chances are that if you’ve lived in Melbourne for long enough, you would be familiar with at least one of the acts on presentation here.

Tom Thum carries on the tradition of such live electronic sampling beatboxing acts as Beardyman, except with more emphasis on the street hustle of the beatbox game, complete with voice-emulated vinyl hiss and pop.

Other stand-out street freak music acts include…

  • Matsumoto Zoku brothers Goji and Reo with their mystic harmony of Pantheon steel, Aegean chimes, didgeridoo and beatbox elements,
  • Kiwi Reuben Stone‘s melodic instrumental dub stylings of guitar, congos, reverb and phasing effects on sampler, and inspired singing,
  • Monkey Marc‘s trademark street activism jams, as heard from his various studio projects incorporated with crew Combat Wombat.

Accompanying them are fellow entertainers and buskers are Funky Bunny – of bass-slapping bunny costume fame, Tallest Paul of live piano and generally a really tall guy, and Mars Madness of ninja juggling clan.

There will also be a range of other street performers, a mini-ramp with skateboarding demonstrations, food by Beatbox Kitchen, and sound will be through surround sound Funktion Ones.

At least half of all money generated is earmarked for Swags For Homeless, who focus on getting swags and warmth for those living on the streets of this sometimes-cold town.

Enjoy the summer warmth while it lasts and get along to this one, if you can.


2:30pm-9:15pm. CERES Environmental Park, Corner Roberts Street and Stewart Street, East Brunswick. $20.

FB Page:

Written by Kristian Hatton.

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