15-21 February – ‘Gravitate’ by Ethno Tekh @ Fed Square


Ethno Tekh are Brad Hammond and Chris Vik, a pair of entrepreneurial minds who are right into their audio/visual gadgetry. They are involved with Enig’Matik Records, Culture Jam and Bojangles, as so far as their electronic music resume is concerned.

They will be taking their fabulous Gravitate project out into the public for consumption by Melbourne’s technology, music and visual enthusiasts. Basically, what is happening in the video below is an explanation of the Gravitate project, as filmed by Chris and demonstrated by Brad.

A Kinect tracker will track the movement of two individual’s movements in Fed Square, which will then be fed into a computer, which will then use the movements to interact with a custom max patch, which then triggers MIDIs fed into Ableton Live

Movement controls parameters in Ableton, and the audio is then analysed and fed back through the system to create audio-reactive visuals. Now you can be a part of this project and direct your own 3D world of sound and visuals, as directed by the very cool Ethno Tekh.

To play with Gravitate, a duo will step into the physical ( IRL ) interactive structures that ET be using as mini stages for both interactees to “jam” on. The platforms augment the installation with arrays of LEDs and haptic vibration feedback, which will take the visual/aural immersion to the next level.

The shows are part of the Pause Fest, and will be set for presentation on Saturday 15 Feb, Wednesday 19 Feb, Thursday 20 Feb, and Friday 21 Feb. The time to be a part of all these shows are from 9pm-midnight.

Federation Square, Corner of Swanston and Flinders Streets, Melbourne CBD. Free!

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/740168489329623/?ref=2&ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming


Written by Kristian Hatton.

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