Hi-Five: Melbourne’s Producers/DJs and Their Current Favourite Track – Part 3

Selector #11 – Kurk Kokane


Kurk Kokane has embraced big-room party bass music like Noisia and Flux Pavilion in 2010, which opened up a whole new world for him. Since then, he has produced worked alongside so-said artists, as well as many other big names in the newer bass music game.

More recently, Kurt has embraced the trap genre within production and DJing, and has played up and down the east coast of Australia, continuing to develop and evolve into his branch of interest within electronica, and working with all the right people to get the job done.

Track Selection: Clams Casino – One Last Thing (White Label)

“Finally a producer with a new vision in hip-hop – know one is doing it like this guy , taking trill to a new level – original outstanding instrumentals that have now been recognised all over the world as an evolution in music.”

Selector #12 – Kayhat


Kayhat is your friendly neighbourhood music journalist and director/owner of Haarp Media, involved with the all-inclusive Neigh-bours super-click, organising small events such as Haapy Mondays, DJs at many smaller venues, and takes himself far too seriously in a narcissistic third-person voice.

He takes localism and community seriously too, and kids himself into thinking that perhaps one day people will embrace art, community and locality over consumption, illusion and big names.

Track Selection: Junior Boys – Like A Child (Carl Craig Remix)

“Good music never dies, and this has been my opener the couple of times I’ve brought out my wax. Carl Craig remixes this masterfully and progressively, never forcing anything. I wish 99% more of 4-4 artists would go back to the values of writing a fucking good composition that goes somewhere and gets you emotionally involved. Vox rock my socks!”

Selector #13 – Ghostsoul


Ghostsoul aka Rob Healey is part of Uncomfortable Beats, a local unit specialising in Australian niche beats. As a producer, Rob has a sound refreshing and unique, which has accumulated thus far in the release of recently released album Celestial Artifacts, a musical rumination of trip-hop, contemporary production sensibilities, sci-fi, space dust and alien transmissions.

Track Selection: Boards of Canada – Palace Posy (Warp Records)

“…a strange piece, the melodic style and strange use of vocals draw me to it.”

Selector #14 – James Annesley


James Annesley heads Melbourne’s #1 atmospheric electronic jazz improv group, Virtual Proximity. VP create a subliminal vibe with their array of technolgy, ranging from wind-driven MIDI devices to hand control-operated visual spectacular.

Last year, James and his fellows embarked on a successful project to overhaul a gigantic pipe organ and turn it into a gigantic MIDI-driven device.

Track Selection: Actress – Silver Cloud Dream Come True (Werkdiscs)

“…makes me feel like I’m travelling very slowly through space on a magic carpet made of LSD.”

Selector #15 – Angus Green


Angus Green has had a lot of success as an electronic artist in his young career. In 2010, Angus started producing on Ableton Live, and then moved to Melbourne, where he became influenced by the glitch-hop bass movement. Within a couple of months, he was picked up by Adapted Records, who helped him release a Beatport and Addictech chart-topping EP entitled Storm Warning.

Since then, Angus has released on many independent labels, and was also recently nominated by the UK Glitch-Hop Awards as “best up and coming artist”.

Track Selection: Wave Racer – Stoopid (Future Classic)

“It influences me because unlike a lot of music, it’s just fun (with) no bullshit.”

Compiled by Kristian Hatton.

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