Hi-Five: Melbourne’s Producers/DJs and Their Current Favourite Track – Part 5

Selector #21 – Lysdexic


Lysdexic is one of Melbourne’s hardest working label managers, owning glitch-heavy Hopskotch Records, which has helped Australia discover some hot new and alternative electronic music talent, as well as helping enlighten listeners to the exciting and hidden possibilities within glitch and bass music.

Hopskotch Records has currently released a total of 38 releases, and show no sign of stopping soon. Lysdexic represents the Hopskotch sound as not only a DJ, but as a producer of dark and heavy cyberstep/dnb.

Track Selection: Anodyne Industries – Deep Dive (Hopskotch Records)

“Deep, atmospheric heavy halftime dnb. Definitive Anodyne Industries, my pick from the Decoder EP. (They will be) touring Australia in Feb/March 2014.”

Selector #22 – Gingus Khan


Gingus Khan ventured to Melbourne nearly a decade ago, and was drawn to how our city was pioneering bass music with crews like Heavy Innit. He has stayed on and is well-known around town as a hilarious and boisterous, non-stop party animal as a punter, and a menace to all turntables when playing dubstep, grime or UKG.

You can see him regularly playing out with crews like Onepuf and other sectors of Melbourne’s post-Heavy Innit scene in the CBD.

Track Selection: Amy Winehouse – Stronger (Moony 2013 UKG Remix)

“Moony’s making some proper nice tunes at the minute, how can you go wrong with a tune that makes me dance to Amy Winehouse, innit.”

Selector #23 – Aoi


Aoi is a member of L-Burn Illuminati, a group of MCs and producers more interested in making good music they like, rather than constantly marketing to a fickle modern audience. His back-to-basics approach to sampling, scratching and digging for records and drum breaks is reminiscent of the original approach to hip-hop production.

He has self-released multiple albums of instrumental hip-hop as Aoi, and also makes forays into drum and bass music as Kitburner, MCs as Slums Mackenzie, DJs techno as Sarah Quill, and produces juke as DJ Lamborghini Asshole. He will be shortly releasing seperate albums with American MCs and cult heroes Jak Tripper and The Man From Somewhere Else.

Track Selection: Peter Sellers – “Auntie Rotter” (1958 Parlophone)

“Parents are strange creatures. While speaking about life, music, comedy etc to Ma Dukes via the link frenzy conventions of the internet, she sprung this number on me. Apparently this was her first 7” single as a kid and made quite the impact. basically Peter Sellers intones the base sentiment of “Kill yr parents” with a jovial frivolity reserved for that early music class teacher you had when they passed out the triangles. Something we can all relate to, cut your loved ones up with a hatchet and get that paper. “here is your stabbing music.””

Selector #24 – Dubfonik


Dubfonik aka Joel Klease is another young producer who started traversing electronica through UK dubstep, and released many tracks on Sixbux, Hopskotch and Bassweight. The last couple of years has seen Klease expand his horizons and start to take preference to the techno sounds of Berlin.

With his current deep and youthful repertoire of sounds, there’s a lot to look forward to from this producer that should expand upon preset atmospheric tendencies.

Track Selection: Maya Jane Coles – Burning Bright (Dense & Pika Remix) (I/AM/ME)

“As I have been focusing on techno a lot more lately (and a new alias in the works), tracks like this are the ones that make a dancefloor crazy and take me back to Berghain in Berlin.”

Selector #25 – Gelido


Gelido is already a prolific and complex producer aged only 19 years of age, and is originally from Western Sydney. His production is unique and intricate, inspired by glitch, breakcore and other more experimental aspect of electronica.

He has a number of self-released albums at his Bandcamp (five), an ambient album on Communication Records (Sydney), a gabba ep on Bleemo Music, and a number of other single releases on his Soundcloud.

Track Selection: Badun – Ef10 (Rumprecordings)

‘“Badun is a group from Denmark that I stumbled upon about six months ago. They are an experimental, electronic jazz band that have a unique flavour of acidic jazz along with glitch that keeps my brain happy! Perfect for sleeping, drinking red wine (preferably something vintage) and the day after.”


Compiled by Kristian Hatton.

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