Hi-Five: Melbourne’s Producers/DJs and Their Current Favourite Track – Part 1


Hi everybody, welcome to a series of tops to introduce you all to some of Melbourne electronic and hip-hop’s tastemakers of beats, rhymes and life.

I’ve tried to make this list of people a varied one, and have asked everyone to choose just one track that influences them right now. I hope you find this article fascinating and insightful.

Kristian “Kayhat” Hatton – Haarp Media Director and Editor


Selector #1 – B.O.O.M.A


B.O.O.M.A is one of Australia’s only producers of juke music, a Chicago-based electronic ghetto music style emphasising fast-paced hats, driving bass and repititious RnB-style vocal samples. B.O.O.M.A’s work is heard on many independent juke compilations worldwide, and he also creates bootlegs of such artists as Africa Hi-Tech and Beastie Boys.

Track Selected: Gnyonpix – Overdose (Bootytune)

“It’s a refreshing take on the footwork sound, emotional and beautiful, yet hype and hectic. It transcends the genre and is just an excellent piece of music.”

Selector #2 – Decksi


Malcolm “Decksi” Downs is a producer and DJ who is regularly seen playing at venues like Workshop and Section 8, and whilst preferring drum and bass production, also make forays into glitch-hop, dubstep and deep techno.

He has releases on Nasty Phreakquency Records and Detrimental Audio.

Track Selected: Om Unit – Governers Bay (Civil Music)

“I love the cross-over of sounds and tempos he uses, lush synth sounds and loads of percussion!”

Selector #3 – Ollie Olsen


Ollie Olsen is an undisputed legend in the Australian electronic music scene. One of the originators of Melbourne techno, his body of music work also includes soundtracks for the planetarium with Steve Law (Zen Paradox) and Robert Henke (Monolake), and also compiled and featured a track on Melbourne punk movie classic soundtrack Dogs In Space, which featured Boys Next Door and INXS legend Michael Hutchence.

Track Selected: Astral Social Club – Rubber Lagg (self-released – off the album Magic Smile)

“I love this guys stuff because it defies all current conventions in electronic music. It’s music that is genuinely interesting and has a great sense of humour about it as well.”


Selector #4 – Lady Banton (The Operatives)


Lady Banton is a mover and shaker for acclaimed contemporary Melbourne beats crew The Operatives, and seen regularly bringing the right vibe as a DJ in venues all across Melbourne with her sensibilities within dub and dancehall classics and fresh selection.

Track Selected: Jump Up Quickly – Mungo’s Hi-Fi (feat. Soom T) (Scotch Bonnett Records)

“This song combines beautiful floating vocal hooks that sail across the sound, sampled from the classic reggae anthem Eek A Mouse – ‘Hire & Removal’, with tight and biting vocals from the sassy lady Soom T, and big rolling bass bringing punch and weight. A perfect blend of feminine sass and bass weight mastery, old and new flavours woven together with polished production.”

Selector #5 – JPS (The Operatives)


JPS aka Jerry Poon has achieved a great deal of success as director of The Operatives, and also in his work helping organise with Melbourne’s #1 boutique festival Let Them Eat Cake. He is also one of Melbourne’s favourite DJs with a varied palette of future beats and hip-hop/rnb instrumental sensibilities, and a rising star in drum and bass production.

Track Selection: Mr. carmack – NASA (Phuturevibes)

This guy has range, and NASA sits on the heavy end; but it’s clever, clean and vibin’.

Compiled by Kristian Hatton.

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