Hi-Five: Melbourne’s Producers/DJs and Their Current Favourite Track – Part 2

Selector #6: Wyldcard


Wyldcard is Sean Bradney-George, an MC and producer originally hailing from Bellingen, a small town located near Coffs Harbour on the north coast of NSW. The Bellingen area was a popular stomping ground for outdoor doof and experimental jazzed-up psy-glitch music in the fashion of artists like Staunch, Opiuo and Spoonbill.

Sean has spent three years in Melbourne, and has assisted the pioneering of the latter form of music with his series of shows at MyAeon entitled Epic Conconction. He records regularly for labels like Rexette and Hopskotch Records, and also still favours the outdoor festival to perform as an MC. He also does this on a regular basis with partner Bellz as duo Elemental Mesh.

Track Selection: Ripple – Pariedolia (Rexette/Hopskotch)

“Unique combination of bass samples, synthesis and quirky abstract sound design.”


Selector #7 – Warpa!nt (Hopskotch Records/Lowkey)


Warpa!nt is Sebastian Elkner, a dub-based producer who operates in atmospheric basstones and dubs. 

He releases on Hopskotch Records at this time, and is set to release some more deep gear this year. His performances are dark, smooth and clean sets, and energetically conducted.

Track Selection: Akkord – Navigate (Houndstooth Records)

“I really dig these guys sound design, they have the right mix of ambiance and drive for me.”

Selector #8 – Chris Vik (Ethno Tekh)


Chris Vik is in a one-of-a-kind technological act called Ethno Tekh, who perform and create elaborate audio/visual spectaculars, utilising the latest in sound and sight technologies.

He performs this art through a 3D Kinect arena which detects his loop-based beats through camera, and translates the movement into sound. The result is mind-blowing, and seen regularly at technological showcases and electronic music events like Culture Jam and Enig’Matik Records shows.

Track Selection: Culprate – Black (Left) (Gradient Audio)

“Diversity, crisp production and a story are things I love in music. To me there’s little more inspiring than the way Culprate uses some amazing production skills to seemlessly fold so many styles together in his Colours album.”

Selector #9 – Peter O’Leary (Wednesday Experiment)


Peter O’Leary is an experimental and prolific producer, whose downtempo trip-hop project The Wednesday Experiment has recieved acclaim around Australia. They (Peter and singer Emily) have been invited to perform at such platforms as Rainbow Serpent Festival, Bojangles, Wide Open Spaces and Culture Jam.

Peter will be shortly launching a new project Elph on Monday 24 February at Horse Bazaar for the Haapy Monday Sessions – presented by Haarp Media.

Track Selection: Alien – Lamb (Fear of Fours)

“Someone gave me the entire back catalogue of lamb recently, its like discovering a whole new world!! Cant get enough of the glitchy hi-hat percussion drum sound in the middle of this track!”

Selector #10 – Rintrah Blake


Rintrah Blake is well-known across Melbourne as a beats enthusiast, booker  and DJ/producer for acclaimed back-alley venue Section 8. If you’re in Melbourne for any length of time, you’re bound to see him play a multitude of eclectic styles at least once during your visit.

Track Selection: Fatima – Black Dough (Esto Recordings – prod. fLako)

“Perfect meeting of fLako’s heavily digitised dancefloor friendly beats and the RnB/soul vocals of Fatima. Finding a great flow from light to heavy, soul to grit is always difficult to achieve, but this tune is so on point it’s impossible not to feel it.”

Part 3 of 5 of 25 of ‘Melbourne’s Favourite DJs/Producers and their Current Favourite Tracks’ will be coming along shortly, introducing a fine array of Melbourne’s talent and their current favourite tracks, for those who don’t know!

Compiled by Kristian Hatton.


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