Friday 28 February – REDSQ presents Redshape (EXCLUSIVE CHANCE TO WIN TICKETS! READ BELOW…)


Melbourne’s elite techno touring group Funf have established a sideshow for acts they wish to foster because of what they consider quality acts. This show is called REDSQ, and this event will be RESQ’s debut.

Headlining talent for this show is the mysterious Redshape, hailing from electronic music’s Mecca, Berlin – Germany. Aside from using a red mask as his “thing”, he also collects rare Detroit tech cuts, and updates them into a more contemporised formula.

He has been credited by such big European niche sites like Resident Advisor and Little White Earbuds to hone and develop sounds minimally on a progressive and atmospheric scale to envelope his audience, until they are deeply immersed in a seething cauldron of sound. He has also mixed exclusively in Berlin’s Boiler Room and also in Mixmag Lab recordings (as seen on Youtube below).


10pm-6am. Royal Melbourne Hotel, 629 Bourke St, Melbourne CBD. $20 (early bird tickets)

FB Page:

The REDSQ shows are exclusive and will only be on a few times in 2014, so we at Haarp Media will be giving you a chance to be a part of it in our live Neigh-bours prize draw, in which we last drew two tickets (in November) for a couple of lucky punters to Let Them Eat Cake.

Here’s what you do: Rock up to our free event Neigh-bours at Horse Bazaar this Friday night, put your name in a bucket, have your name called out during our local talent-driven show, profit!

For information on this event, read here.

It’s a great chance, but barring that, any event focused on developing new electronic music internationals is always good and shows true passion for beats.

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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