Wednesday 22 January – This Thing/Mellow Dias Thump @ Section 8/Ferdydurke


Twin crews and twin venues are happening this Wednesday at Tattersalls Lane in the CBD. 

Elegant and extended approaches are adopted by crews This Thing and Mellow Dias Thump. The venues in question don’t need any introduction if you understand a thing or two about the Melbourne beats terrain (or if you’ve tuned into Haarp Media enough over the last year).

This Thing will be represented at Section 8 by DJs Harvey Sutherland and Wooshie, and their releases include such forward-thinking producers as Mike Kay, Electric Sea Spider and Andras.

Mellow Dias Thump core member DJs are Caseaux O.S.L.O and Geezey, well known for their soulful back-to-basics wax approach to mixing beats. Special guest and L-Burn member and DOS4GW contributed beats to Armand Hammer’s Half Measures, which featured in the 2013 Top Ten Records of Village Voice in the U.S.

Well worth a gander for beats-adventurous folk on the future pulse.

6pm-1am. Section 8/Ferdydurke, Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne CBD. Free!

FB event page for This Thing

Written by Kristian Hatton.


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